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In Media Res -> Choke (3/22/2011 23:08:10)


Choked, «» round(s):
A reduced ability to act reduces effectiveness to «»% .

If it affects the monster, then all the damage it deals is multiplied by the listed amount. If it affects you (the player):
  • Normal Player attacks and Spells have their damage (Base/Random/Stat) multiplied by the listed amount. Weapon Specials and type "other" attacks (such as Focusing with Kindred armors) are unaffected.
  • Pets and Guests have their stat% multiplied by the listed amount.


    Write-up thanks to Koree. Sands of Suffocation spells thanks to Well.

    Partial Paralysis

    Partial Paralysis, __% effectiveness.
    Paralytic toxin hinders mobility for __ turn(s).

    Partial Paralysis is a re-named and re-described version of Choke.


    Trembling, «» round(s):
    A reduced ability to act reduces effectiveness to «»% .

    A re-named version of Choke.

  • Koree -> RE: Choke (4/7/2011 7:19:18)

    Things that Choke monsters:

  • Chaos Web
  • Gas Rat Grenades
  • Paramount Blade
  • Pearl Dragon Blade
  • Spear of Lugh
  • Weapons of Agony's Chains ( Axe, Spear, Staff)

  • Aeromancer's Robe; Lv. 10 skill - Vacuum
  • StarSlayer

  • Bun-Battlers ( «Normal», Z, Guardian)
  • Swarvil
  • Twilight pets ( Shade's Notice Z, Shade's Notice, Gloom's Indication, Evening's Warning, Dusk's Foreboding, Eventide's Premonition, Nightfall's Omen, Twilight's Harbinger)

  • Sands of Suffocation

  • The Tears of Daw

    Things that gives Choke Resistance:

  • Rooted Flora Shield

    Bun-Battler thanks to Daimyo Daimyo.

    Things that Choke You

  • Wind Troglodytes ( Breezy, Windy, Gusty, Turbulent, Blustrous, Cyclonic, Tempestous, Tornadic).
  • Typhoon Wyvern Rider
  • Uncle Wyvern
  • Eclipse Dragon
  • OrcaZard

    OrcaZard thanks to Immortal God.

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