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Scakk -> Summon Guardian Dragonchaun II (3/24/2011 19:18:46)

Guardian Summon Dragonchaun II
Summon Guardian Dragonchaun II

Also see other Summon Dragonchaun Spells: I, Guardian II, III, Z IV, V, VI, Guardian VII, VII, Guardian VIII

Level: 30G
Power Level: 36
MP Level: 34
Price: 2,200 107 Gold
Sellback: 1,100 53 Gold
Location: Blarney War 2011: Dragonchaun / Blarney War 2012 / [url=]2013 - Blarney Past Rewards[/url]

Element: Neutral Fire
Cost: 0 MP
Effect: Summon Guardian Dragonchaun II as a guest. Cast again to dismiss.

Call this gold-loving rare gold dragon from his home at the other side of the rainbow to fight alongside you.


Description from bszoke88

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