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Escort From Verteroche

Other name: To Willowshire

Location: Verteroche Crossing -> Caravan -> Faramonde -> Quests! -> To Willowshire
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 25th, 2011

Objective: Signature on delivery!
Objective completed: Signature on delivery!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Dravir
(1) Gorillaphant
(8) Renegade Hunter
(1) Seed Spitter
(1) Threat Bear
(1) Tog


Travel Pack
Survivalist Pack
Merchant Pack
Adventure Pack

Faramonde: Are you up to the task, <Class>? I have a caravan ready to go now.

Faramonde: Willowshire is in shambles. The town ablaze.
Faramonde: I have a shipment of medical supplies as well as something vitally important for Guardian Fortuna there.
Faramonde: I need you to protect my caravan not only from bandits but from the green dragon, Gorgok's, minions.
Faramonde: Oh. Whatever else you do, do not give my horse to the Guardian's in Willowshire.
Faramonde: I need it to get supplies back and forth, not end up in the belly of a dragon....
  • Quest
  • Back

    Loads Caravaner as Guest A

    Edmund: Halt, what business do you have in Willowshire?
    <Character>: A delivery of medical supplies and cargo for Guardian Fortuna.
    Edmund: Thank goodness you made it through! We'll get you through to the city gate right away.
    <Character>: Thank you, Guardian.
    Edmund: You can just leave your horse over there.
    <Character>: Er... it's not technically my horse, so I'd rather not.
    Edmund: It's for it's own safety, <Class>, definitely not to use it for bait for anything.
    <Character>: Yeaaaahhh... I think it should probably stay with the cargo.
    Edmund: Fine. Johnson, escort the caravan inside the city.
    Johnson: Yes, Sir!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Mordred for correction.

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