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Peachii -> Escort to Dragesvard (4/1/2011 13:25:24)

Escort to Dragesvard

Other name: To Dragesvard

Location: Verteroche Crossing -> Caravan -> Faramonde -> Quests! -> To Dragesvard
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 1st, 2011

Objective: Meh, squishy shoes...
Objective completed: Meh, squishy shoes...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Aqua Monkee
(1) Bottom Feeder
(3) Eel
(2) Galeocerda
(1) Giant Piranha
(3) SeaMonkey
(3) Unicoral


Icy Beads
Pack Ice Chain
Ice Needle Chain
Rotten Ice Necklace

Faramonde: Dragesvard lies further to the north, on the other side of an ice-rimmed lake.
Faramonde: I have a supply of furs and fresh produce that need to get to the town and no boat to get it there.
Faramonde: The load is much too heavy for one of Vorst's gryphon's to fly over... *grumbles* or so he claims....
Faramonde: The caravaner has been outfitted to protect the supplies, but needs an escort across... the only available route.
  • Quest
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    *Loads Caravaner*

    Vorst: No. Absolutely not.
    <Character>: It's supplies for Dragesvard. It's important they get there quickly....
    Vorst: No. No. Faramonde's used that line before.
    <Character>: It's just one caravaner... if he can carry all the supplies, surely one of your gryphon's can?
    Vorst: Yeah. Sure. One caravaner. Then next time it's one caravaner and a cartload. And a horse. And it's cart.
    Vorst: Have you ever tried to get a panicked gryphon out of icy water?
    Gryphon: **Shudder**
    <Character>: But....
    Vorst: No. Faramonde's already outfitted your caravaner there to keep the cargo dry. Get walking.

    <Character>: Finally! We're under the Dragesvard glacier!
    Caravaner: My shoes are squishy....

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Old Scrolls

    Thanks to Jay and SlyCooperFan1 for corrections.

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