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Stephen Nix -> Zardlegs (4/1/2011 15:54:27)



Location: Willowshire -> 2 Right -> Enter inn -> Left

Quests given

Shops owned

Zardlegs: Facebiscuit! What's up, ol' buddy?!

  • Talk
    Zardlegs: Face. Biscuit.

    Zardlegs: Whoa, hey! What? You don't remember me?

    Zardlegs: It's me, Zardlegs! Come on, you must remember me from Lolosia!

    Zardlegs: Oh, quit playin'. Man I miss running the seas with you n' old Captain Batgrease.

    Zardlegs: Yeah! How is he these days?

    Zardlegs: Aww, that's too bad. I hear he finally found a cure for that unfortunate skin condition he had. Wonder what he looks like now.

    Zardlegs: Say no more. He left you behind on one of his northern trips, didn't he? Good ol' Batgrease.. at least he is consistent!

    Zardlegs: Well, I need to get back to work, but let me know if there's anything I can do for ya! Nice seeing you again!

  • Rest
    Zardlegs: A bed for the night? Anything for you, ol' pal. It's on the house!
    • Rest - fully replenishes HP and MP.
    • Nevermind

  • Set Hometown
    Zardlegs: Want a room for a while? Well.. I'm not supposed to reserve rooms right now, but I guess I could do that for you. Free, of course.
    • Yes
    • No


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