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Fangor Jungle - Queen Akana

Location: Fangor Jungle -> Queen Akana
Objective: Defeat Queen Akana./You have defeated Queen Akana and have obtained the Fangor Bloodshard!
Requirements: Completion of Fangor Jungle - Temple Entrance
Release Date: -

  • Queen Akana

  • Queen Akana
  • Safiria
  • Han Velsing

    Akana: Have you come to witness true horror? I can show you terror beyond your wildest dreams! Experience pain that will drive you over the brink of madness... I came to this place a weak, mediocre whelp... Then I discovered the ancient power of Fangor and now I am a goddess! You will serve me soon though. Like everyone before you... and everyone after.

    Akana: What!? (*looks behind back... at nothing...*) Miracyrina is coming here? No! She will not have my stones! She always takes what is mine... But she won't take him! No, he belongs to me!!

    If you're defeated:
    Akana: I knew you were no match for me. You were a fool to try and strike me down!
    Akana: However...
    Akana: It never hurts to have an extra minion at my disposal. Isn't that right?
    Character: Yes, master. I am forever at your command...

    If you defeated Queen Akana:
    Han Velsing: You did it! And I have no doubt that Safiria beast will interrupt my transmission any second now.
    Han Velsing: Of course, of course...
    Safiria: Ah, a Bloodstone? Oh, but it is just a mere shard... Still, that is a rare find, <Character>!
    Safiria: It has the potential to offer the holder great protection against the family line that it belongs to.
    Safiria: Darkspyre's children must have divided its power amongst themselves to give them protection against Miracyrina.
    Safiria: If you can find all of the pieces, I may be able to recombine them. You will undoubtedly find it useful if you have to face Miracyrina.
    Han Velsing: The Fangor Jungle is clear. Great job, <Character>!

    Rewards Shop:
  • Fangor Jungle - Queen Akana Loot

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