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Bizarre Fleck II: Mostly Harmful Special Preview

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Falerin was killed by Seth Cay Dhows - a name that, like much of Dhows's actions, has been a lie. All that is known for sure is that he is a shadowy figure with unknown motives, and that his past apparently involved taking the place of a being who was known to our Lore as the Mysterious Stranger, and altering his position as he saw fit. Somehow Dhows appears to have replaced him completely throughout the timeline of our Lore's history without actually damaging that timeline. Falerin has now returned to the world of the living... but in fragments. The fragment in control of his body has been nursed on the poison that Dhows has spewed... And the others? Well, things are going to get very interesting...

«Scene: Outer Space»

In the depths of the Nothingness... Something is Stirring...

???: whaaaaaat doooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu waaaaaant oooooooof meeeeeeeeeee shaaaaaaaaaaadow
Dhows: Oh, it is not what I want of you that brings me here... but the pieces are almost in place for what it is you want of me...
???: whaaat cooould I pooossibly waaannnt of youuu whooo awaaakeeens meee aaand distuuuurbs myy reeest...
Dhows: You can never fully rest, though... you dream, do you not?
???: I dreeam... I dream such hoorrible dreams.
Dhows: And you have been forgotten, lost, while Lore moves on you are not even the shadow of a memory.
???: They would not...
Dhows: Forgotten... no, worse... IGNORED... Your work, and life, are meaningless...
???: Meaningless?
Dhows: The very fabric of your being has been unraveled by changing time. Uncreation would be kinder, for at least in that there is forgetfulness...
???: You lie!
Dhows: Must I draw you of all people a map? Even named as you are? So be it! I can prove otherwise... do you wish to see? I warn you, it will be most unpleasant.
???: Show me...

«The scene spirals backward and changes to Darkovia.»

Cartwright: There can be no doubt that I am detecting a growing level of uncreation energy. Something is going on.
«You»: Uncreation energy? But from what?
Cartwright: That, I do not know. It is outside of phase with our present timeline. The future possibly... or the past.
Cartwright: Something that is messing around with time.
Ryuusei: It is my experience that all such effects are... ill-advised.
Eldron: Generally speaking, I would concur. Chronomancy was banned on Caelestia for a long time for much that reason.
Cartwright: Certain Network agents proposed that uncreation could be achieved via temporal manipulation, given that it is a temporal effect.
Cartwright: But it was an experiment I never allowed during my tenure. As zealous as I may have been, I was no fool. Messing with time can affect countless things one does not anticipate.
Cartwright: Oddly enough, however, this effect seems stable. As if...
Ryuusei: As if done by someone who already exists outside of time.
Eldron: If that's the case they are losing their isolation... and that could have untoward effects...
Cenara: More untoward than these strange elemental creatures running around everywhere?
Cartwright: Potentially MUCH more untoward, young lady.

«Scene: Back in outer space»

Dhows: I am saying that it was you, yes. I am saying that is how I find you now. The first creature I saw was, but could not handle the, Truth...

«Scene: Back in Darkovia»

Diviara: Do it.
Cartwright: Very well.

«Scene: Xitra Regeirk's Lore, where Minister Bree'Ha stands, gazing at the last Bizarre Fleck. Dhows enters the scene, and then it fades. New Scene: Mount Thrall»

Cartwright: I do not think I will be allowing that; the Lord I serve has ordered this world spared.
Cartwright: Even had he not, uncreation is one thing, but complete elemental annihilation is quite another. Reality itself would begin to unravel.

«Scene fades.»

This Spring...
The Race Is On
The Flecks Return

«You»: I can certainly agree with that. What is it you're planning, Dhows?
Dhows: Why, I have been planning a bit of everything... The fight against the unfortunate Loremaster's pets is what led you here, after all.
«You»: Where is the uncreation energy coming from?
Dhows: Soon it won't matter...
Dhows: Soon I will collapse the boundaries of the elements and recreate this world after my own image.
Cartwright: I do not think I will be allowing that; the Lord I serve has ordered this world spared.
Cartwright: Even had he not, uncreation is one thing, but complete elemental annihilation is quite another. Reality itself would begin to unravel.

«Scene: Aria's Pet Shop»

Fal: Call me Fal.

«Scene: A house.»

???: And so the Dashing and Debonair James Frond, a master of disguise, saves the forest once again with the help of Miss Cashnichol and Agent Emen...


???: ... Hey... Who's in my room...

An Epic Multistaged War Running for Two Weeks with Lasting Consequences
A large special mission quest spanning many realities
Including for the first time an in game adventure on the world of Caelestia!

Bizarre Flecks II: Mostly Harmful

Ready or Not Here They Come

Entry from ArchMagus Orodalf

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