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Eukara Vox -> =Dev,Story= ~Great Balls of Colour!~ (4/26/2011 21:51:50)

I must share this with you. I cannot hold back what I've discovered, nor can I bring myself to admit that even in my vigilance, they have snuck in.

I've watched from my library, where I can see things a bit more clearly than when I am on Lore. From my library, I can watch unhindered by a world's constraints and realities. I've seen no, and I mean, NO activity from them in that way. No travel, no manipulation of worlds they are known to attack frequently.. nothing.

And yet, when I entered my classroom this morning to prepare my schoolhouse for today's lesson in Paxian history and a visit from Aquella to lecture on water monsters, I found a letter. A plain, white piece of paper, folded in perfect lines, equally in three sections. I didn't want to open it. I felt sick that one of them again had been in my classroom, in our beloved Battleon!

Yet, I had to. It is with an apprehensive heart that I share this with you.


There are so many worlds out there, so many places that believe they are invulnerable. Many cling to their cultures, heritages, lore, and ways of living without ever once thinking that the possibility of embracing a simpler way of life would actually make their worlds more peaceful, more at peace with each other.

You may think that your world is better because of its diversity. You may think that all the various people and ways of life are an asset, but we are telling you now that it isn't. It is a poison, slowly killing your people, creating an environment of distrust and antagonism.

You are so busy going at each other that you have neglected, ahem, your "beautiful" world. Places treasured for their diversity and life are, shall we say, now visited. You will find that we are not easily just wiped away in one single swoop.

And your faith in Eukara Vox? She is a young member of her order. The older members, maybe we would be apprehensive of. But this untried and young Guardian... she will fail you. We are here. We will come. And all of you will fall, one way or another. Conflict comes to your precious world. And you are not completely ready. You've already fallen to one enemy, proving that you have a wavering spirit. Prepare to fall again.

P.S. Give up while you have a chance, Eukara Vox. Spare them the pain of fighting perfection. You are only making this more and more painful for them.

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