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Soluna City Art Museum

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> Left 4 times

Locations available:

Missions Available:
  • Investigate Hauntings! (Mogloween)

    Shops Available:
  • Art Museum Paintings Shop
  • House Items (Mogloween)
  • Franken-Weapons (Mogloween)
  • NG Franken-Weapons (Mogloween)

  • Circe

    Circe: Welcome to the Art Museum, <Character>. It's finally open! Take a look around.

  • Museum?
    Circe: Here in the Art Museum, we display art that was designed by players like you!
    Circe: If you have some MechQuest related artwork that you would like to display, you can submit it on the forums!
    Circe: If your piece is chosen, it will be on display for 1 month. A total of 10 pieces of artwork will be chosen each month to be put on display.
    Circe: Don't forget! Your artwork must be related to MechQuest in some way, shape, or form. It must also be all your original art!
    Circe: We won't accept artwork that uses elements taken directly from the game so photoshopping a Korin bag on to a mecha won't count.
    Circe: Also, your image should be between 500 x 500 and 800 x 800 pixels. It can be a digital painting, your own flash creation, or even 3D!
    Circe: Each month, the 10 pieces of art that are chosen will be available for purchase for you to display in your Starships!
    Circe: The art is not for sale yet as we are still in the process of making sellable copies.
    Circe: You can access the forums to submit your artwork by clicking here!
    Circe: Oh! And while you're walking around, please remember that if you get lost, just follow the doors with red curtains. They lead to the exit.
    Circe: The arrows with the blue highlight will lead you to the viewing room where your art may currently be on display!
    Circe: So what are you waiting for!? Get to it!

  • Shops
    Circe: I'm afraid we sell art here. Not paintbrushes. And not hairbrushes... which, by the way, is the sort of brush you might want to look into getting...

  • Talk
    Circe: This is a wonderful opportunity for artists to gain planet-wide exposure, and also great for the collector!
    Circe: You should see my collection... of shoes! Where did you get yours? Dean Warlic's closet?
    Circe: Undoubtedly you think my feet hurt standing here all day. You are in fact sadly mistaken. Real women stand in heels... without whining.
    Circe: That's a fabulous outfit. If by fabulous you mean ghastly... You should ask Korin if you can borrow his bag. You clearly need it more than he does...
    Circe: That hairstyle is... interesting... You obviously go to Hal. He has, like, 3 styles in his repertoire: "Boring," "Ugly," and "Soooo 3009."

  • Map
    Circe: This map will help you not get lost. Mine is the original; the copier isn't working yet. I hope your memory is better than your manicure...

    Haunted Museum (Mogloween '12)

    Circe: Welcome to the Art Museum, <You>. Your friends are waiting for you....

  • Hauntings? Huh?
    Circe: Some people were here looking for you... in interesting get-ups... Pretty ghastly if you ask me...
    Circe: There's a big mess in back where a club was setting up a Mogloween display.
    Circe: They ran out of here yelling about a Ghost in a machine or something.

  • Shops
    Circe: I have some Mogloween gear in stock! It's not the most fashionable equipment ever, but I'm sure that's not a problem for you.

    *Thanks to Highlord Sendai for original entry!*

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