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Sir Prize

Location: Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2), Swordhaven Past, Oaklore Keep (Book 3)

Quests given
The Worst Prank Ever
Plumbing Problems

Shops owned

Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2)

Sir Prize: BOO! Gotcha!

Sir Prize: Oh, hero, what's that on your armor? Made you look!
  • Sir Kuss!
  • Sir Vival!

    The Worst Prank Ever

    Sir Prize: That Sir Kuss clown is always trying to out-prank me. I have an idea though. Want to pull the ULTIMATE prank?
  • .....OK? (This is bad, bad, bad!)

    Plumbing Problems

    Sir Prize: Oh, <Character>! I've... got a problem! You see, I've... uh... started my own business!
    Sir Prize: I'm now the proud owner and operator of in-house outhouse installations.
    Sir Prize: However, there's a problem with logistics. Ever since a certain "incident"... I've been having trouble finding help with repairs!
    Sir Prize: I've tried hiring some young adults who need a job to help me out, but that didn't turn out so well.
    Sir Prize: They've been pretty crappy about showing up on time or even showing up at all. Some even had potty mouths!
    Sir Prize: The latest one Sir... uh... Vivor... yeah, Sir Vivor, won't come out of the... sewer caves. Can you go... flush him out?

  • .... Fine.

    Swordhaven Past

    Sir Prize: But.. the capital is where it's at! If we move to the country I'm going to be SO bored.

    Oaklore Keep (Book 3)

    Sir Prize: *Grumbles* With all these Rose guys here, I can't get away with anything fun...

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    -- Alanna Zelen for Swordhaven Past dialogue.

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