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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Emerge from Shadow, Part 1 (5/11/2011 0:21:09)

Hell hath no fury like a rat scorned!

This week is the start of the next part of the SeekRat Saga, and the introduction of some major storyline elements that will become quite significant later on. Ever wondered where ElBhe comes from? That will begin to be revealed this week, and you'll also get to meet ElBhe's family, The Litter! You'll also see the SeekRat's newest master plan, as he seeks to get revenge for his humiliating defeats in the past. Just how far is he willing to go to get his revenge....?

This release is pretty straightforward, nothing fancy or complicated about it. However, it leads into a much larger conflict next week. I tried to aim these two weeks of releases towards a few of the gaps in equipment that you've all been stuck dealing with. The rewards this week are catered towards Rangers, whereas next week's release will provide some fun stuff for Mages and Warriors. In all cases, it will provide an opportunity to get some very unique items!

I'll have a little more for you next week, when the conflict comes to a head in a major losable war that will directly impact the future of this story! Until then, I hope you enjoy learning a little about the universe that I've created.

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