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Location: Evening Falconreach -> 2 Right

Quests given

Shops owned

Fomos: Hmm?

  • Talk
    Fomos: Troubled? No, not really. I'm just making sure I have purchased everything I need for my journey tomorrow.

    Fomos: Well, I'm on a mission from a hunters guild to deal with some monster threats that are stopping trade ships from running the seas.
    Fomos: Darned things have got the sea-faring merchants so scared that they won't dare get on a boat, and the towns need those goods.

    Fomos: They need every hunter they can get. If you really want to help, head to Hunter's Paradise and speak to Karina.

  • ...Where?
    Fomos: You've never heard of Hunter's Paradise?

    Fomos: Geez, it's only the place all the great adventurers travel! It's an inn, in Doomwood Forest.

    Fomos: Aye, but that is part of the reason it's so popular with that crowd. Only a seasoned adventurer would dare to travel there.

    Fomos: Sure does! Ol' Teral has the best ones though. He's the owner, and a retired monster hunter. Oh if only I knew what he knows!

    Fomos: I doubt he'd mind.. he just loves to reminisce about the "good ol' days", haha.
    Fomos: You should see some of the stuff he makes out of monster hides, too. He's spent a lot of time living off the land.

    Fomos: Any time. Hope to see you around--

    Fomos: I'm Fomos.

    Fomos: No problem. I'll be seein' ya.


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