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Maniac Chase

Location: Friday the 13th 3011 -> Chief Duncan -> Keep Going
Objective: Whew! Congratulations! You flushed Jameson out of the sewers and the GEARS students are saved!
Requirements: Completion of Maniac Search
Release Date: 13th May, 2011

  • Big Rusty Rat
  • Sewer Gator
  • Uber Jameson

  • Chief Duncan
  • River
  • Judy
  • Jack
  • Dooder
  • Maegwyn

    Chief Duncan: Okay <Character>. You search this way and I'll go that way.
    Chief Duncan: Jameson is far too dangerous to be left alone. We must find him quickly.
    Chief Duncan: Let's see if we can put a stop to this chainsaw maniac once and for all!

    Meanwhile at The Knife & Spork

    Jack: Hey River, you okay? You're not eating your drumsteak.
    River: It's nothing. I just... I just have this bad feeling.
    Dooder: I'll eat it if you're full.
    Judy: Dooder!
    River: No it's not that. It's...
    River: ...nothing.
    Jack: You're thinking about Jameson, aren't you?
    Jack: Look. He is long gone. He's not coming back either. We're fine, we're safe, we're not even NEAR the lake.
    Jack: We've got nothing to worry about - right, Judy?

    Jameson appears at the window

    Jack: Judy?


    Maegwyn: Oh <Character>, you showed up at just the right time!
    Maegwyn: Something crashed in and chased those kids into the back room!
    Maegwyn: I think they ducked into the sewer access. Whatever it was, that thing followed them!

    On the way to rescue, the following dialogs will appear:
    River: Oh, <Character>, thank you! But the others are still down there!
    River: I must have hit my head and passed out when we ran down here. We all got separated after that.
    River: I have a feeling they're all in great danger. Jameson must still be hunting them!
    River: Hurry and find them <Character> - before it's too late!

    Jack: <Character>, you gotta help me! Judy and I got separated!
    Jack: I tried to find her but I haven't...look, we have to get to her before that Jameson does!

    Judy: <Character>, you found Jack! I'm so relieved! And River's all right too!
    Judy: I was so worried that Jameson had gotten them...hey, where's Dooder?

    Dooder: Oh man, I am glad to see you! I was afraid you were that Jameson for a moment...
    Dooder: I wouldn't want to have to face down his rotting face again. Seeing that once was enough!
    Dooder: I could never forget that horrible thing! I mean really really ugly with a capital UG!
    Dooder: ...he's standing right behind me isn't he?

    After you've killed Uber Jameson:
    Chief Duncan: Whew! He was tough one, but you did it <Character>. Jameson is finally-
    Judy: Don't say it! You know what happens when people say things like that!
    Jack: Too late.
    Dooder: Oh man, he's getting up again! Now what do we... hey, what's that noise?
    Dooder: ...whoah.
    Chief Duncan: Hey, you kids okay?
    River: We're fine. <Character> got us out of the way.
    River: I think... I think Jameson is gone. For now at least.
    Chief Duncan: <Character> and I will escort you four back topside. Should be safe now. Nothing could have survived that toxic bath.
    River: ...
    Chief Duncan: What?
    River: Never mind. I guess it is safe. For now.
    River: Let's go home.

    The End?

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