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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= Emerge from Shadow, Part 2 (5/17/2011 15:57:41)

This week, as you know, is a losable war like you've never seen before!

The SeekRat has obtained some documents which will aid him in a ritual to open the gate to the Other Side to call forth the Old One and obtain his power and, of course, to learn all of his secrets. To aid in this vile scheme, the SeekRat has secretly kidnapped The Litter and is holding them hostage! What kind of horrible villain would do something so dastardly?!?

The worst part of this is that he's meddling in things he does not understand. There is a great danger in what he is doing, to Lore and to himself, and you're the only one who can stop this!

The consequences of this war are dire indeed. "Part 1" of the SeekRat Saga has multiple points at which your actions will determine the final resolution of the storyline, this losable war being the first. This storyline is designed to be much more flexible than previous stories, so that YOU are deciding how it will end. And I have to say, I want to see you guys win it, but the losing ending is interesting too....

Speaking of the event itself, there are three rewards once more, one absolutely adorable weapon for Warriors (a simply-must-buy for shadowkitten owners/fans, as well as anyone who may have read a certain webcomic.... >_> <_<) and two of the most beautiful (and gapfilling!) spells I've ever seen in AQ's history for the Mages. I'm serious, guys, you want to win this one. The rewards are absolutely fantastic!

I wish you all the best of luck this week! Don't let the Old One frighten you too much, he's really quite maddening friendly once you get to know him.

Lord Barrius -> RE: =Dev, Story= Emerge from Shadow, Part 2 (5/20/2011 0:03:09)

As promised, you have earned yourselves a special treat: a preview of one of the spells!


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