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Peachii -> Powermerged Drakel Armor V3 (5/24/2011 7:04:43)


Powermerged Drakel Armor V3

Level: 11
Price: 500 Nova Gems
Sellback: 450 NGs before 24 hours, 125 NGs after 24 hours

Location: Power Armor NG

HP: 213
EP: 116
EP Regen: 15

  • 50 Immobility

    Description: An experimental mecha design by Qjik'Han at Khaeldron Mecha Labs. This version has an Advanced Cockpit.
    Image: Powermerged Drakel Armor V3

    *Thanks to archie and Azami for original entry!*

  • Peachii -> RE: Powermerged Drakel Armor V3 (9/29/2011 23:39:54)

    Drakel Spear

    Equip Slot: Front Arm
    Damage Ranges: 31-41
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 25
    Cooldown: 2
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effect:
  • Chance of halting energy regen for two turns.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: A lance of pure lightning that may disrupt your opponent's ability to regenerate energy.
    Image: Attacking

    Info and original post thanks to warriorfreedom

    Pulse Managun

    Equip Slot: Back Arm
    Damage Ranges: 30-42
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 4
    Energy: 25
    Cooldown: 3
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Splits damage attacking HP and EP of the enemy.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: A rapid-firing magical weapon that fires bolts of mana that may also drain your opponent's energy.
    Image: Power Blaster, Attacking

    Image and info thanks to #13

  • Peachii -> RE: Powermerged Drakel Armor V3 (9/29/2011 23:41:07)

    Nova Disruptor

    Equip Slot: Front/Back Shoulder
    Damage Ranges: 26-46
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 1
    Energy: 28
    Cooldown: 3
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Adds 2 cooldown to the opponent's back shoulder/front shoulder weapon.

    Combos: N/A

    Description: A rapid firing autogun that can force your opponent's weapon to overheat.
    Image: Overclocking Autogun, Attacking

    Info and image thanks to #13

  • Peachii -> RE: Powermerged Drakel Armor V3 (9/29/2011 23:41:50)

    Advanced Cockpit

    Equip Slot: Head
    Damage Ranges: 0-0
    Damage Type: Laser
    Hits: 0
    Energy: 0
    Cooldown: 8
    Bonuses: N/A
    Special Effects:
  • Raises Damage and Defense by 10% for 5 turns

    Combos: N/A

    Description: This cockpit has pre-programmed combar maneuvers that can give you a growing boost to Defensive and Offensive system.
    Attack Image: Attacking!

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