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Creation's End
Quest Location: The Bridge
Quests Given From: Celestra


Celestra: It's been over a thousand years since the Devourer The'Galin first arrived on Lore and nearly ruined the world. My father put me into hiding while he tried to face the Uncreator and died for it.
Celestra: After the Devourer left, I dedicated my life to tracking him through space and time, and swore that one day I would one day find a way to destroy the destroyer.
Celestra: Following the Devourer's wake, I absorbed part of his power and have been able to live a thousand years nearly unchanged. I know how to find and defeat The'Galin's servants--
Celestra: --but the secret to besting The'Galin himself has eluded me all this time. I know it exists, somewhere. Probably lost in the deepest recesses of history--
Celestra: -- and somewhere removed far from Lore. Someone, or someTHING, holds this secret. Its destiny lies with me.
Celestra: And now, I -- we -- approach the Devourer, I know that this secret will reveal itself, somehow. It has to. Or else, we might all die... or worse.
  • Face the Devourer!

    Alteon flying behind the Cryptic Tower

    Temura: Alteon, we are nearing the Cryptic Tower! The Devourer is in pursuit!
    <<You>>: We read you WG Tower! We will be intercepting in 30 minutes!

    Veritos: Admiral we must drop out of warp right now! It's an emergency!
    Admiral Amada: What do you-- Okay. Lieutenant, take us out of warp!
    <<You>>: What is it, Veritos? We're in a bit of a hurry-- There's this matter of the Devourer trying to uncreate the Engine of Creation...
    Veritos: I know, <<your name>>. But I cannot find Rubia. When I had Gravlax run a search for her--
    Veritos: -- Her last location was at the Hangar Bay. She somehow gained control of a ship and boosted out of our warp tunnel. The nearest place I can imagine she'd have gone is Purgos.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Purgos.. perhaps. More likely she has gone to Haden.
    <<You>>: Why would she go there?
    Veritos: You're right, your Highness. She WOULD go there... As a clone of my sister, her deepest memories would be of Haden, the world of which we were born.
    <<You>>: Temura needs us pretty bad... Taking a detour to pick up Rubia might not be the best thing to do.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Which is why I'm sending my most trusted WarpForcer to get her. She may be important in our imminent face-off with The'Galin.
    Admiral Amada: Take one of the WarpFighters we have in the hangar, and then warp to catch up with us when you get her back.

    You go in search of Rubia

    <<You>>: I'll get Rubia to the Cryptic Veil! Good luck, Alteon!

    <<You>>: There is the royal palace of Haden. Everything is quite... TOO quite.
    ???: Now!!!
    <<You>>: What!?


    Sheridan: You look and sound just like her... To think YOU could be her. You could become her, under the proper circumstances.
    Queen Leifanu: With the demise of Autarchs, the overall weakening of the Network, the chances of those circumstances occurring lessen every cycle.
    Rubia: I have come to you as a friend. My allegiance is only to my home-- Novus-- but I know what is right and what is wrong.
    Rubia: I may have the potential within to be Dark Madder, but we all have our own Dark Madder inside, do we not?

    You enter the scene

    <<You>>: Rubia! What are you doing here? We need to go, now! The place is crawling with Network aliens!
    Rubia: <<Your name>>! They must have tracked me all this way, and decided to come after me when I left the Alteon's protection.
    Rubia: We will go, but I am not done here. I wait for the Hadeni royals to give me what I came for.
    <<You>>: What's that?? We NEED to go!
    Queen Leifanu: WE need a few moments longer. Sheridan, make sure the palace guards clear the grounds of our enemies!
    Queen Leifanu: I will retrieve the device now.
    Rubia: Let's hurry to your ship, <<Your Name>>! Queen Leifanu will meet us there promptly!

  • Fight with Rubia's help!
  • Fight by yourself!


    Queen Leifanu: Take this and be on your way!
    Rubia: Thank you
    <<You>>: Come with us! You'll be safe once we break into warpspeed!
    Queen Leifanu: I will be safe here. We are already routing the Network invaders. Good luck!

    Queen Leifanu leaves

    <<You>>: That's our cue, Rubia-- Come on!

    On your way back to the Alteon...

    <<You>>: What is that thing, Rubia? What's so important we had to abandon everyone on the Alteon for it?
    Rubia: It... is MEMORY. Memory of times before ours. The memory of a thousand intelligent races.
    <<You>>: What good will memories do for us against the Devourer?
    Rubia: I don't know. I did not obtain the Memory Matrix for use against the Devourer. I only wanted it so I might be able to understand.
    <<You>>: Great. Understand what?
    Rubia: Everything, of course.
    <<You>>: ............

    You arrive back at the Alteon

    Veritos: Please promise never to jump off of a starship in mid-warp ever again, okay?
    Rubia: Once I return to Novus, I hope never again to have such an opportunity. Nevertheless, I thank you for caring.
    Temura: We don't have much time- maybe 1000 seconds before The'Galin arrives, thanks to Gravlax and Zorboz plotting a warpspace shortcut for us. What's the plan?
    Queen Pra'Mithia: We need to get the Engine of Creation back inside the Cryptic Veil, before the Devourer gets here.
    Celestra: We have some of the best firepower in the galaxy at our command. I say we give our enemy a big facefull of THAT as soon as he shows up.
    Galrick: I've gotten pretty good at gunnery in my time out here. I'll gladly do that for you, my Love.
    Gravlax: Mumbix glimm! I'll tune our weapons to the maximum potential.
    <<You>>: The Hadeni Memory Matrix that Rubia acquired. Do you think we can use that against The'Galin?
    Zorboz: It is the largest known repository of knowledge to ever exist. It would be nearly impossible to find anything useful pertaining to our situation in such a collection.
    Zorboz: Helping you look for a needle in a haystack sounds much safer than challenging the Devourer, however, so I will help you with that.
    Temura: I'm back the Tower. We'll get the engine in place-- You just cover us!
    <<You>>: Let's get cracking, Zorboz!


    <<You>>: How are you doing sorting through the Matrix, you two?
    Zorboz: Luckily this Rubia one seems to have near to my processing power. We're making good headway, <<Your Name>>.
    Admiral Amada: Commander Galrick, is your firing program ready? 120 seconds until the Devourer breaches the Veil.
    Galrick: I'm ready, sir.
    <<You>>: Just what is Celestra planning to DO out there, Galrick?
    Galrick: I don't know, exactly -- But I think she's counting on all of us to do our part.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: The Elemental Lords are still there, waiting for the Engine to return to them. It's been months since Dark Madder stole the Engine from its place here...
    Queen Pra'Mithia: I'm willing those months seemed like a little bit more than minutes to them.
    General Stormfront: (on radio) Stormfront to Bridge! We have a little emergency-- Network agents are teleporting into the Alteon!!
    <<You>>: Teleporting? Why is it I have a feeling that Celestra has something to do with this??
    Admiral Amada: Do you mind getting the enemy off my ship before pondering why they're here, WarpForcer?

  • Fight with General Stormfront's help!
  • Fight with Veritos' help!
  • Fight with Queen Pra'Mithia's help!
  • Fight by yourself!


    Celestra: <<Your name>>, The'Galin is here. I have a score to settle and he may not look upon that favorably.
    <<You>>: Don't worry-- he's just the god of uncreation! You've got ME on your side!

    Cutscene; Alteon fires cannons at the Devourer

    Temura: Alteon, I hope you're ready with those cannons of yours...

    Rubia: I have found something! The Elemental Lords of a new world are vulnerable, but only if unengaged in creation.
    Queen Pra'Mithia: Temura, you'd better disengage the tractor beam and return the Engine to it's place NOW...

    Celestra: Get ready to open the hangar doors on my mark...
    <<You>>: This might be a good time to let me in on your plan, Huntress.
    Celestra: As soon as the Engine is running again, The'Galin will be very, very angry. The Elemental Lords' creation energies will be off-limits to him for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
    Celestra: He'll want to let off some steam, and when he sees ME, he'll know who to blame.
    <<You>>: You're going to -- actually fight him!?! There has to be some other way... Hmm... Maybe...
    <<You>>: I'm going to the Bridge but I'll be back. I have an idea!
    Celestra: Okay, I guess I'll have to open the Hangar myself.

    Temura: Tractor Beam deactivated! Engine is away!

    Celestra: The'Galin. There is no form you can take that can intimidate me.
    The'Galin: I will uncreate you and be satisfied for having come all this way. No mortals should think themselves able to challenge a force of nature.

    <<You>>: Zorboz, are there references in the Memory Matrix of nearby worlds that The'Galin recently uncreated?
    Zorboz: There are. The closest is Zeta Talista. It's a dead world.
    <<You>>: Just what we need. Gravlax, do you copy?
    Gravlax: (on radio) You're coming in loud and clear! What can I do for you?
    <<You>>: That teleporter technology you've been perfecting? I need it now...

    Celestra: Why send THIS form after me, eh? Why not simply uncreate me? Uncreate the entire ship? Oh... I understand. You must be WEAK. Travelling all this way, hoping for a feast...
    Celestra: And all you find is famine.

    The Eternal, Celestra's father shows up

    Celestra: Father!
    The Eternal: Celestra... You must not do this. The'Galin is not a mere enemy that you can hope to defeat. He is beyond the effects he causes.
    Celestra: I have hunted him for so long, searching for a way to truly hurt him, and now that I have a chance I will not-- CAN NOT-- turn away from it.
    The Eternal: If you fail, the life you have managed to find despite your thousand-year quest will be for nought. If you are uncreated, it will never even have been!
    Celestra: Father, I have prepared for this day a dozen lifetimes. I will not fail.
    The Eternal: I cannot witness this. I love you, dear. I hope to see you again.
    Celestra: You will.

    The Eternal leaves

    Celestra: Try to uncreate me, if you dare!

    Fight scene, ending with a flash. You step out of a portal where you are met Celestra.

    <<You>>:--- Celestra!! What happened to you?
    Celestra: Something wonderful, <<Your Name>>. The'Galin has shown me why I should embrace his power.
    <<You>>: He's taken over you! You need to FIGHT him! Remember who you are-- you are the Huntress! You HATE the Devourer! Don't let him take you like this!
    Celestra: Having your engineer take us here to this dead world was a good decision on your part. But moving a GOD through space is no more than a nuisance.
    <<You>>: Think, Celestra! I know you're in there! You've spent a millenium building knowledge on how to hurt The'Galin. You must have had a plan. What was it???
    Celestra: You saved the lives of those aboard your ship by sending me away, but YOUR life is forfeit. In fact, when I UNCREATE you, no one will even remember that you existed in the first place.
    <<You>>: You're weak. You're using a possessed body. And I'm one of the greatest champions of not just Lore, but the galaxy. You might not want to jump to conclusions.
    <<You>>: Before you try to uncreate me, answer this question: How long does it take you to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other.
    Celestra: A mere 40,000 years! What could that possibly matter to you? Now, it is time for you to perish!

    1 BATTLE: Celestra

    <<You>>: Celestra... is that you? Just you?
    Celestra: It... is. Just me.

    Red circle floats down

    <<You>>: Is that--?
    Celestra: The'Galin's avatar. He's regaining strength. He'll be leaving soon. I-- I DID have a plan. But I never thought he'd try to take me.
    <<You>>: That's okay. You're back. And I have a plan, too.
    <<You>>: Gravlax, do you copy?
    Gravlax: (on radio) Indeed! Locked onto your location!
    <<You>>: Lock onto the Devourer's signature, use every ounce of nonessential power on the Alteon and BEAM HIM TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY.
    Gravlax: Checking power levels... Yes! (T)hat will just about do it! Initiating teleportation-- NOW!
    <<You>>: I hope you packed enough snacks for your 40,000 YEAR LONG ROAD TRIP, The'Galin!
    Celestra: I wish I could have pressed the button. I can't say I'm unhappy about it, though. You've done well, friend. The Devourer will be gunning for you when he returns, though.
    <<You>>: I have 400 centuries to prepare. I will be Level ONE MILLION or so by then.


    Rubia returned to her home of Novus and became the ambassador of Lore and the WarpForce.
    And you were named one of Lore's heroes. Your name would be listed in many histories around the galaxy as one who saved more worlds than any other.

    Omega Sword
    Ancient Dark Gun
    Massive Omega Sword
    Omega Sword Z
    Ancient Dark Gun
    Ancient Dark Gun Z

    Mission Debriefing

    Lore can now move forward without so much fear of alien enemies and without the hope-crushing knowledge that the Devourer might return in any living person's lifetime.

    All of us who know what happened this day must carry the burden forward and continue to search for a way to truly defeat The'Galin. His Network may be scattered and weak, but those who are under his influence will never cease in trying to return to power. Just as we will never cease fighting them!

    Monster encounter list:

    Level 85-99: Predecessor (80)
    Level 100+: Predecessor (100)
    Level 85-87: Malzar (70)
    Level 88+: Malzar (88)
    Big Grey
    Level 85-99: Big Gray (80)
    Level 100+: Big Gray (100)

    Jerroto: Jerroto (80)

    Soul Banisher:
    Level 85-99: Soul Banisher (60)
    Level 100+: Soul Banisher (100)

    Skree: Skkree (85)

    Protus Symbiote
    Level 85-99: Protus Symbiote (75)
    Level 100+: Protus Symbiote (100)
    Level 85-97: Tytoa (78)
    Level 98+: Tytoa (98)
    Level 85-94: Fusian (83)
    Level 95+: Fusian (95)

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