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ArchMagus Orodalf -> GLaDERP (5/29/2011 7:03:01)


Location: Loads after the completion of Backstage Maze, Gameshow Planet -> GLaDERP
Objective Completed: You defeated GLaDERP and removed the object that corrupted his programming!
Requirements: Completion of Backstage Maze
Release Date: May 27, 2011


  • Char
  • Sys-Zero
  • Dean Warlic


    GLaDERP: That does it! I'm going to...
    GLaDERP: Oh... Heheh...
    GLaDERP: You're here.
    GLaDERP: Ummmm... I guess there's no convincing you to return to the game course.
    GLaDERP: The last time someone visited my core was when Jemini bribed me for the top score!
    GLaDERP: ... You kids know you can bribe me, don't you?
    GLaDERP: That was many episodes ago...
    GLaDERP: Last episode, somebody managed to sabotage our final stage! He didn't get as far as you, though...
    GLaDERP: Unfortunately you took his illegal route and have therefore been disqualified!
    GLaDERP: It's okay if you cry but just uhh... Stand over there for...
    GLaDERP: This! Hahaha!
    GLaDERP: Take that little sprocket! Hahaaa!!! ... Haaa... *cough*
    GLaDERP: That was supposed to grind you to a halt!
    GLaDERP: I knew I should've updated those stupid drivers...
    GLaDERP: I'll just have to add a few settings which will take me a second here...
    GLaDERP: Yyyy... You've already lost... You know that, right?
    GLaDERP: Oh, I love being nasty...

    System Restarting...

    Illegal date encountered.
    Purging bad data...
    Repairing corrupt files...

    GLaDERP now online.
    Click anywhere to continue.

    GLaDERP: Ok, OK! Cut that out!
    GLaDERP: Listen, pal. If you keep using that violence, you just won't win anything!
    GLaDERP: Well, wait a minute... Hold on...
    GLaDERP: Something's different...
    GLaDERP: I feel...
    GLaDERP: 98% less diabolical! That's strange!
    GLaDERP: That piece you recovered must have been messing with my central processors.
    GLaDERP: That's the last time I accept bribes from strangers!
    GLaDERP: Well, contestant. Of course I won't be destroying your planet now!
    GLaDERP: I hope we can put all of this behind us. For entertainment!
    GLaDERP: I'll gladly keep myself in orbit for all you humans to enjoy!
    GLaDERP: Let everyone know that George Lowe and Deliriously Entertaining Robotic Planet are here to stay!

    Char: So this weapon piece was causing it to destroy all those planets?
    Warlic: So it would seem. Remarkable how such a small thing can cause such destruction.
    Warlic: If we can, I would like to examine GLaDERP further. The technology it possesses could prove helpful in the future.
    Char: I think I can take care of that.
    Char: There's a good possibility we can adapt some of the technology for our own weapons.
    Warlic: That's what I had in mind. However, once you've finished, we need you to continue finding the other wormholes.
    Warlic: We must be close to finding Jemini. Unfortunately, I fear we don't have much time left.
    Warlic: The Shadowscythe are planning something... I'm sure of it...
    Sys-Zero: Don't worry. I'll make sure our defenses stay tight. I know we can't afford any slip-ups.
    Char: You know I'll do everything I can.
    «You»: Me too. I'm ready for anything!
    Warlic: Thank you. You've all done very well during this crisis. I know I can rely on you all should you be needed.
    Warlic: (thinking) When the time comes, I only hope it will be enough.

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