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Aelthai -> =Dev= May Bugfixes (5/31/2011 11:48:41)

A number of updates an bugfixes have just gone live.

A quick list:

  • Nemesis FSB is now a 12% chance of dealing Void damage (Void is 200%); there is no other boost.
  • The Nemesis monster was updated to reflect this. He also had his Void damage reduced to be more balanced (and less player-eating), since you are expected to have very good resistances to everything except Void/Harm.
  • The Solaris monster is now a slight Cannon (to match the armor being Offensive), and he was updated to differentiate between his Skill and his weapon Special (since they are different power for the player). They look the same but the Skill is more powerful (and costs him SP). He has been generally rebalanced to hit the difficulty desired (Elite Boss) more closely.
  • The Solaris armor was updated so that the skill tells weapons not to override the element - some older weapons will still override it; in those cases, the weapon needs fixing.
  • The Seekrat quests can now be found on the main map - go east!
  • Steampunk Undead can be found in Zorbak's Hideout
  • Stretch of the Imagination (or Mana Ice) and the Nemesis quest can be found in Warlic's shop
  • The Solaris Set quest has been added to the Travel map near Battleon
  • The level requirement for the Chmeran quest has been reduced to that you can actually go get that Level 11Z armor!
  • Darkshifters and Shadow Dragons can now use their skill (this update when in earlier this weekend).

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