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Radagast -> =Dev,Story= Tomb of Awethur (6/8/2011 22:06:20)

Yes, you heard right folks, the Armor of Awe is almost here.

It started with the Blade [hinthint,assemble,hinthint] and will continue into a Tomb lost to legend. Unfortunately, few things ever go as planned, and this quest is no exception...but that's a tale for another week. This week you'll find answers to some of the most nagging questions on Lore. What's the story behind the Awe Weapons? Who broke them and why? (No, it's not the same answer as in DF. Diverging timelines, you know) Who'd win in a fight between a letter and a wild Windzard? Wait...that wasn't one of the questions?

Before we go any further, it bears stating that the quest and its sequel have some truly beautiful new art in it (more than I had any right to ask for in single quest), and Hollow has my deepest gratitude for indulging me in those requests. Case in point:


Don't mind the orange in the corner...bad hair day. What's that blacked out, you ask? Now that is a secret (But I'm sure you already know anyway [;)])

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