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Radagast -> =Dev,Story= Army of Awe (6/15/2011 22:13:19)

Good news, everybody! We're picking up right where last week's cliffhanger left off! I mean sure, last week had an ungodly powerful evil released upon the world again, but you've overcome worse...maybe...well, even if you haven't, there's a first time for everything. And as things stand you have found yourself in a rather unique position. This old evil has just been reborn. You know where it is (general area, at least), you know what it's capable of, and you have a couple friends to help you. So sorry to anyone hoping for a long saga, but the story dicates that things move very quickly at this point. You have to stop Awethur before he can fully reestablish himself. Besides, that jerk is running around in that armor you wanted.

The climax of this little tale is fast approaching, so get ready!

Aelthai -> RE: =Dev,Story= Army of Awe (6/16/2011 19:54:46)

Did you know that you can change the main element of your Guardian or Awe armor in the Guardian Tower?

If you hadn't found it yet, go check it out!

Do it THIS WEEK. NEXT week (around normal release time!), it will cost you Gold (or Z-Tokens if you prefer) to change the element of your armor. So pick one before then! Or go with None if you prefer - that will give you a flat-element armor.

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