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Location: Traveler (Location) -> Star Captains -> Assistance
Objective: You have aided the Travel once again and are ont step closer to learning more about Maria 5.
Requirements: Completion of Note Delivery
Release Date: June 17th, 2011

  • Random Shadowscythe
  • Maria 181

  • ???
  • Traveler
  • Maria184

    Traveler: My associate that you met on Gark has run into trouble and I need your help to help him.

    Traveler: I've just received word that my associate you contacted in Gark has been intercepted by Shadowscythe.
    Traveler: If I go alone, I'll never make it in time. I'll need your help to take out any enemies that try to board our ship while we get there.
    Traveler: No doubt there will be a Shadowscythe Cruiser that will need to be dealth with.
    Traveler: We can't let the message be destroyed. Will you assist me in this moment of peril?
  • Yes, sir!
  • No

    Fight random Shadowscythe Mechs, Heal after each fight (chance for not encountering any)

    *After defeating them and completing the voyage.

    ?????: It's about time you got here! I've got enemies on my ship. I would appreciate you taking out the cruiser!
    *Enter Ship
    Traveler: There's the control room! Activate the self-destructt then get out of there!
    ???: Not so fast!
    Maria184: I can't let you interrupt my plans after I went through the trouble of commandeering this Shadowscythe Cruiser.
    Maria184: That little rodent mustn't deliver the information. He will be destroyed and the secret will be safe.
    Maria184: Our purpose must never be known. Especially hers!

    Battle Maria184

    If you lose to Maria184:
    Traveler: I've healed your mecha. Would you like to try again?
  • Again!
  • Retreat!

    After beating Maria184:
    Traveler: The mission is a success. Egress the cruiser immediately or risk fatal burns and explosive decompression.
    The Traveler: Thie mission is a sucess. My associate will continue his route to Arthuria. When I know more, you'll know more.
    Traveler: I'm looking forward to informing you about the bigger picture but for your an Maria 5's sake, it's best you know nothing.
    Traveler: Until next time, <Character>, stay safe.

    Rewards Shop:
  • Assistance Rewards shop

    Note: Maria184 is named Maria 181 when you battle.

    *Thanks to #13 for corrections, golden1231 for enemies links!*

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