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Elryn -> =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 17:44:08)

Greetings everyone and welcome to my humble abode MtAK thread.

Some of you may have heard of me and some may not. I remain mostly on the AQ forums, I wear a ram skull, armor set (chest plate, leggings, gautlets and grieves) made of bark and leather, wield a maul, do magic and will gladly help in a war and join the warmongers of Battleon on the battlefield. More recently, I am helping friends in Falconreach with their own ordeal. If you are heading to AQ suggestions, you should soon be seeing me helping out there.

The rules are as follows. 6 questions per post and one post per person per page (Note : alliteration not intended and no, I am not a cat... unless cats can wield a maul... and do magic... and... Oh forget it.). Riddles are welcome, but answers not guaranteed (Try endlessly fighting undead and solving riddles at the same time and you will see what I mean.). I may not answer a question if it is too silly or the wrong question to ask.

As always, follow the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules.

See you on the battlefield.

drDOT -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 17:47:13)

I'll be kind,
Congratulations! :D
Again, thank you.

I hope you will enjoy your stay, we don't return souls.
You should check the soul bank. It has a hole in it and is in taters. It looks like something mauled it.

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 17:47:26)

Hallo. Very much congratulations.
Thank you kindly.

No questions, except... Are we doing anything else Storyline-Guide related?
If you need help, I can always try. War has me quite a bit tied up at the moment. There are those ideas of the lore sources guide and archiving, but as I said, I am quite tied up. I will try and send you a message about the matter.

Congratulations, again; enjoy the shackles. :P
Shackles? What shackles?

*elryn looks down to see two mangled pieces of metal around his ankles*

You mean these were suppose to keep me tied to that wall?

*picks up the mangled pieces and throws then to the side*

Odd... I do not recall feeling anything holding me back.

*elryn leaves his musing and walks off. Behind him, a wall is being dragged, attached to his ankle by a heavy chain*

necrolich66 -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 17:48:07)

grats elryn!!!! :D
*grins* Many thanks.

so when is my time ?lol
Necrolich time?

i hope you AK-ness won't stop your fight in DF :D
Certainly not. Though having people line up to ask me questions in the middle of a battlefield is uncanny to say the least.

i hope you get a good time

Good luck with your job and stay online a lot i don't like not having an AK online when there is a tread to lock :P
I will do my best. See you around.

Cataclysm -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 17:57:45)

I've already issued your congradulations in a different thread, but again, congradulations. I did not see this coming at all... Probably because I don't look into the Suggestions forum ever.
That makes two of us. I expected Archmagus Orodalf, Mordred and... quite a few people before me actually. I must be more helpful than I thought? And suggestions is only the forum I was assign to. And Many thanks.

Were you expecting this?
As per the above, no.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow (I'm obliged to ask this question to EVERY AK/mod in their MtAK/MtMod thread)?
Well... that depends... A european or african swallow?

Cataclysm : Well I don't kno...

*Cataclysm gets thrown into the gorge*

How far along is the next part of your warstory? I want to know what happens next >.>
You missed my first post. I have submitted the second part.

Favorite bit of war music?
Most likely this. For better effect, try playing the game (quite the boss battle). If someone were to perfectly loop this (youtuberepeat gives limited success), I could slay endlessly. Another one I found recently and could receive the same treatement is most likely the most wondrous song in AQ : this. The staff simply must use the music again. Even the short film is warworthy. It should be put on the frontpage again.

Speak any foreign languages? If so, which ones? (That's one question, dangit!)
Foreign? Would Spanish count? Would you ask me, it is not good enough to make me a trilingual. I know a few words in languages I encountered yet regrettably never truly learned.

Why did you have to limit us to six questions? >.>
For 6 is a multiple of three.

That's all for now. I'll be back when this hits Page 2, though, ready to add in more questions. Quit answering these posts and get back to warring!
*eyes Cataclysm oddly* Why is it that everyone says that? Can they not see we are in a battlefield in the middle of the war?. Now, back of the line please. Others are waiting.

vezha -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 18:00:45)

Quite find, thank you. I could use a break however. I have been working 7 days straight.

Nice to have you around, elryn~
Likewise. You should come around the AQ forums more often.

...Am I allowed to call you namethief sometimes?
You may certainly call yourself a namethief, namethief.

What's your shoe size?
By what standards? The English say it is 10 or was that american?

Are you going to be on IRC sometime? ...or did i miss you? D:
No need to answer that now do I?

That's all. Bye~
Farewell and see you out and about.

Ubear -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 18:11:30)

Hello mate :)
Good day. I lack an autralian accent so I will not even try.

Nice to see you're an AK, congratulations !!
*grins* Many thanks.

Good luck and bye :)
Farewell and well met.

epic pie -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 18:11:45)

So...>:D Hi

*mechanized voice* Question count exceeded. Question denied.

Does that count as a question?

Do you like pie?
What kind of pie?

Like Steampunk?
Steam sounds promising. If a punk is comparable to a blackguard than certainly not.

Science or *spit*Magic?
*elryn raises his gloves hand which begins to glow an eerie purple colour* ArchMagi Secret Spell...

Doom or Destiny?

Pirates or Ninjas?
I usually have to be the mediator. They always quarrel for some reason.

Biyas. Have fun in the DF war.
I will see you on the battlefield.

1337 -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 18:35:31)


Was that a question?
I did not see a question mark.

Is THIS a question?
Well...This one has one.

What about the first one?

Thank you?

That last word is blurry.

Do you like pie?
It would help me if people did say what kind of pie that is.

Send Colonel Tusty my regards. And tell him to remember to send the decoder next time.

Trash Talker -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 21:02:59)

Since when did you become an ArchKnight *looks into newspaper*? Well congrats, Elryn :).
*grins*Thank you.
*grins back*

Question time... whoops the first comment from me was a question so 5 to go.
Well, you did answer it yourself, but if you insist.
I insist on everything, Elryn. I don't insist you eat that Dynamite Pie I hid in BlackAces' cupboard :P.

Highest war record on AQ?
Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful: 5463 slain.
Mine stinks. Blarney War: 105 War Kills. I was hoping to beat it in the Hoard of Alquemada War but I lost interest somehow...

*elryns curses*

I could at the every least have had another 40 more, but more so, I should have been able to reach 6000. I will do better next time.

Too bad you didn't beat Mystical Warrior, he's the ultimate warmonger. But you'll do well next time *pats Elryn on the back*.

Favorite AQ player besides you?
You are all my favorites *winks*.
Awwww, thanks Elryn.

Favorite weapon/armor/shield/spell/miscellaneous item/pet (and these can be rare)?
This I will have to think about a bit.
You better think soon :D.

Who invited you to become a master of stuff?
I do not know if I may say that.
Becuz' u a secrit warmunga ninja!

Can I say bye to you?

Bye :).
Farewell and see you on the battlefield.

I shall revive you from the harshest doom that lurks underneath the intensity of the next war! ~Quote from Trash Talker to Elryn ;).

BlackAces -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 21:19:35)

Welcome aboard elryn your sanity needs to be placed in a box over there *points to box of souls*.
I beg to differ, sir. I never had any in the first place.

I'm not really one for questions but congratulations and welcome again :D.
Thank you again. I am surprised you did not take advantage of the situation to send me riddles back.

That is all I may be back later. [;)]
See you later then.

Mystical Warrior -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/24/2011 22:18:42)

My intuition is never wrong...I knew you'd be one sooner or later
Apparently, you are not the only one. Flatteries I tell you.

So how are them wars?
Fighting against Sepulchure's lackeys while Battleon is at ease. They need all the help they can get. Quite liking, charging into the fray *winks*

Planning to break the record of 6k kills?
*elryn looks back and touches his maul* Give me the opportunity and I will... Pity I missed Kragoth.

I'm sure myself if I can do that much again.
*grins* When the time comes, I will race you. Then, we shall see who is the best. At least... Until the next war. I do believe truth is told when I say that racing is what makes us push ourselves harder.

Just for my curiosity why do you have no avatar?
I cannot have an avatar unless I possess the right one. That is my way.

Even a custom one
That is the plan.

Who are you sharing cells with?
What cell?

*elryn looks at the wall he is dragging behind*

...I think they might need a new cell.

ok running out of questions here
Come back if you have any more.

Congratulations on AKship
Thank you kindly.

Bye :3
Farewell. See you on the battlefield.

chisagen -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/25/2011 20:54:42)

Haha great to see you pal :D
Likewise. Sorry for not posting in the war thread these last two days. I have been busy.

I always kind knew you would become an AK ^_^
Let me guess... Reading fish?

now it's time for the questions :D
Oh goody!

So how have you been pal?
Quite fine and you?

You like fish?
With a good sauce, yes.

you ready to take down Seppy's army?
A silly question if I ever heard one.

that's all I got for now pal so I'll just say congrats and good luck :D
See you on Monday *grins widely*.


Mordred -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/25/2011 22:17:56)

Is this some kind of dialect?

Congratz on the shackles!
Yes about that...

Are they feeling a little tight?
*elryn looks at mangled pieces of metal to the side* Well... It is as if there were not even there so to speak.

Have you been able to utilize the wall/cell you're dragging as a weapon in combat?
For a while, yes. The wall eventually came to pieces. I am keeping the chain however. It might come in handy.

Whooo r uuu?
You cannot handle the Truth.

You may be ready to take on Sepulchure's army, but are you brave(or foolhardy) enough to face the Doom Lord himself?
*elryn grins* Of course.

Do you think you could win?
With friends behind me, I cannot fail.

Pirates or ninjas?
Both, neither and mediator.

O Banos? You wish to go to Ecuador?

Hemasku -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/25/2011 22:32:27)

First off, let me say congratulations.
*grins* Thank you.

I've only one question, and it is very important.
By all means, do proceed.

Are you sure you're not a cat? I recall seeing a cat wielding a maul while casting spells running by my house last week.
No, that must have been Socrates.

Also, good luck in the DF war.
See you on the battlefield.

Lord of Nightmares -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/25/2011 22:34:56)


Yay, I don't feel so lonely anymore! And yeah, definitely gratz from me as well.
I am happy to hear it. I will help you best I can.

1stClassGenesis -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/25/2011 22:36:26)

(Grr.. Mordred ninja'd me. Better do a better job.)

O hai.
The dialect again?

I m een ur therad, usking u kwestyons.

Fehvorate band?
I distinguished the word band. What band? An elastic band? A head band? A music band?

I lyk dis carlor. Vat eboat u?
*shakes head* Nothing here either. I did think I heard a german accent however.

Fehvorate war?
War? Yes, I like war.

Fehvorate monster?
Monster? What monster? I shall crush him where he stands.

Fehvorate eyetam? (Kuld b rayre)
Nothing here either. I heard a rambling baby this time.

Christian Catholic.

*Meh checs skeduewl* Meh gottah goh nao. Bai nao!
Wait! You did not tell me what you wanted. Oh well. Farewell I suppose.

stratuscone -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 1:24:22)

Thank you kindly.

meh has some queries haha

1. Nightreign or Gracefang?

me too!!! that's why i joined Nightreign, to pawn him again and again.

2. VAmpire or Werewolf?

oohh, a more beastly preference eh? i like vampires, they cool

3. Pure build or Hybrid or Beastbuild?

what kind of build is that???

4. hot or cold?
Cold and winter.

we are absolutely the same. i asked BlackAces the same question and he said hot, ahahaha

5. FAvorite release ever?
Either Bizarre Fleck Mostly Harmful, the Future Saga or the Devourer's saga as far as epicness goes. For comedy, Platopulse.

great choices, i literally blew myself off too with Mostly Harmful, and since we lost that, i have almost lost my passion for warmonging here in AQ.

6. Favorite piece of equipment in AQ ever?
War armor.

pun intended????

Stray Cat -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 4:55:24)

Hi. Congrats.
*grins* Thank you.

Which celebrity's voice would you like to have as your own?
I would none other than my own.

Farewell. See you on the battlefield.

Sylphiend -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 4:59:13)


Twig or Twilly?
I like them equally.

Old AQ or 'New AQ'?
Both are precious. The new AQ has a war kill counter however.

Calm Wind -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 15:05:43)

Greetings and felicitations.
Well met and thank you kindly.

I have been pondering a bit and have come up with one important question:
What is your favorite type of cookie?
Short bread cookies with tea.

It is good information to have just in case I need to bribe... er... thank you at a later date. [;)]
Be sure to write your name in that book on the way out. It is reserved for special people.

Anyway, congratulations.
*grins* You flatter me. Farewell.

seventy two -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 17:13:11)

Hey elryn, congrats.

Why is your edit color so boring? ;)
You should wait until I have chosen it, my friend.

You adjusting to AKship well?
Yes. Still a bit to read, but all is well.

Have fun ruling over the Forums.
*frowns* I do not rule, only help. All that has change is the extent to which I may do so.

Blade -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/26/2011 17:19:23)

Gratz! :D
Thank you!

....pssssst. Take this dagger, it'll help ya outta the shackles.... and watch out for teh moogle. <.< >.>
Thank you, but no need.

Lol, hai, i am Bladebrawl. And you are?
Elryn, Warmage of Battleon.

Nice to meetcha! :D
Likewise *grins*.

Get ready for teh AK hate.... and AK fame.... and AK powers.... and AK coolness....and AK shackles.....and AK pudding..... and AK---
*shakes head* I am still Elryn.

Well, that's about eet. (for now. >:D)

Btw, me haz bland SIG, so you owe meh cheese, kthxbai! :D
More of that odd dialect... Farewell.

Zaxua -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/27/2011 0:30:04)

Well, this is a surprise![:)]
Tell me about it.

Congrats on AK, that is all.[:D]
Thank you kindly and see you on the battlefield.

Dragonnightwolf -> RE: =MtAK= War is upon on us and the Warmage follows... (6/27/2011 0:41:31)

Oh Look! Fresh Mea-err I mean Everyone Meat the new Archknight yay :D
I should warn you. This meat gives cavities, a LOT of them.

Did you know that Dragons are very, very strong? that's why Elnaith made sure to put super strong shackles on us.
*elryn remembers the shackles*

Apparently, not strong enough.

Did you ever represent the evil league of evil?(cookies if you know what movie that came from)
I eat them for breakfast.

And congratulations, I'm sure I'll be eatin-er. I mean meat-....meeting you soon :)
*One of Elryn's hands reaches behind his back*

Likewise. I have a friend who is eager to meet you.

And to quote the white rabbit. "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"
You are mistaken about Kaliope.

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