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Andy's Crude Club

Andy's Guardian Club, Andy's Crude Club Z, Andy's Primitive Club, Andy's Graceless Club, Andy's Barbarous Club, Andy's Archaic Club, Andy's Prehistoric Club

Level: 54
Power Level: 54
Price: 11650 1007 Gold
Sellback: 5825 503 Gold
Location: New Andy Thaws!

Type: Melee
Element: Ice
Damage: 9-27
BTH: 7

Hits: 2
Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage: 353% Base and Random each
Stats: 228% Lucky Strike Damage each
BTH: +23
Rate: 20%

All normal Player attacks and weapon Specials (except the above Special) take -5 BTH and deal *85/80 damage.

This is Andy's club which he gave to you after you helped him. Sometime's Andy's "food" will come to your aid.
Stats thanks to Vivi, Name, Description and Price thanks to big E, Effects thanks to Dev, Write-up and Image thanks to Mystical Warrior

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