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Peachii -> Zargon Wormhole Intro (7/1/2011 20:06:23)

Zargon Wormhole Intro

Location: Zargon Wormhole Saga -> Thanks! / Replay Intro
Objective: Thank you! Your defeat of the Shadowscythe unit helped with the Zargon evacuation!
Requirements: None
Release Date: July 1st, 2011

  • Bloodhound
  • Centaur
  • Shadow E1
  • Shadow E2
  • Shadow E3

  • Dean Warlic
  • Sys-Zero
  • Selina


    Dean Warlic: Ah <Character>, I was just about to summon you.
    Character: Um, sir.. You asked me to come. It was a few minutes ago?
    Dean Warlic: I did? Oh, that's right... I mean, I did! Thank you for coming so quickly!
    Dean Warlic: Forgive me I've... had much on my mind lately. Why does this keep happening??
    Dean Warlic: Char informs me she should have another stable wormhole shortly. I've asked her to notify us when it's ready.
    Dean Warlic: I am told this one is unusually close to our homeworld and-
    Sys-Zero: Dean Warlic!
    Sys-Zero: Come quickly! It's Zargon.
    Sys-Zero: We lost communications with planet Zargon three days ago. The patrols we sent have yet to report back.
    Sys-Zero: Twenty minutes ago, our monitors detected an enormous energy surge coming from Zargon.
    Sys-Zero: Whatever happened, the epicenter was Mechtropolis. That entire region is completely gone.
    Sys-Zero: We also received bits of a garbled transmission that must have gone out just before the surge.
    Selina: If anyone... hear me, Zargon is... -avolt allied with the Shadow... unknown techn... he took...
    Selina: Billy doesn't know...power transfer was UNSTABLE! I'm trying to warn... still might be able to...
    Selina: Oh no. We're too late.
    Dean Warlic: How bad?
    Sys-Zero: ...There are some lifesigns, but the planet itself is starting to break down.
    Sys-Zero: We may only have a few days to rescue whoever is left before it's completely unlivable.
    Sys-Zero: Unfortunately, we're also getting traces of Shadowscythe readings scattered throughout the sector.
    Sys-Zero: Only small pockets. We think they took casualties from... whatever happened. They're still a problem though.
    Dean Warlic: It looked like Selina lost her powers as Starstorm, too...what on Loreon could have happened?
    Dean Warlic: If we'd've only been able to act sooner...
    Dean Warlic: Has the Queenadent been informed?
    Sys-Zero: She has. Evacuation efforts are being organized.
    Sys-Zero: We're scrambling all available personnel, but other than that, there's not much more we can do for Zargon.
    Dean Warlic: Commence the operation as soon as possible, Commander.
    Dean Warlic: <Character>, go with him. As he said, we need all the personnel we can get.
    Dean Warlic: But be careful! The planet is growing increasingly unstable and dangerous. We can't afford to lose either of you.

    Meanwhile on the starship...

    Sys-Zero: Welcome back to the SDF Reliant. I wish it were under better circumstances.
    Sys-Zero: Evacuation operations are continuing, but the ShadowScythe stragglers are getting bolder.
    Sys-Zero: I suspect they know we're stretched extremely thin. Every evacuation ship needs an escort now just to get off the surface.
    Sys-Zero: I appreciate your hard work <Character>. Everyone's pulling extra shifts in this operation.
    Sys-Zero: The people of Zargon are still getting used to life without powers. It's not making things any easier.

    Sys-Zero: Sensor readings display a Shadowscythe unit nearby! Be careful! Fires and explosions may damage your mecha!

    Battle 1 random Shadowscythe mech

    Sys-Zero: You won! No sign of Starstorm... er, Selina yet. <Character>, please escort this survivor back to the SDF Reliant!

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