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Name: Arcadia
Alignment: Hero
Power: He knows he's a character in a video game / comic book. Can potentially use any power he thinks is cool. Often breaks the 4'th wall, talking directly the player, reader or game designer/artist.
Weakness: Knows he isn't controlled by a player and thus believes he can never become the protagonist and a "true hero". Resigns himself to training new players and helping heroes tap into their powers. Chooses not to become directly involved in the action, simply providing assistance to others.
Origin: Unclear. Because of the nature of the world most people in it cannot understand concepts such as "the 4th wall", and simply forget when Arcadia tries to explain his past to them. All that is known is that there was an incident at an amusement arcade where upon Arcadia discovered "the 4th wall". Since then he's found he can manipulate the world at will.

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