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Lolosia Gets Iced: Snow White Beaches

Location: Travel Map » Chessmaster Saga » 1. Lolosia Gets Iced!

«Scene: Greenguard Forest»

«You»: *sigh* Where's a good adventure when you need one?

«Captain Frolgar enters.»

Captain Frolgar: Ahoy, «You»! There's trouble a'brewin' in Lolosia an' we be needing your help!
«You»: Well, that's convenient.
Captain Frolgar: It be nothin' of the sort!
Captain Frolgar: Now, matey, get yer lubbin' self into gear an' follow me to the town by the sea!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Snowed-in Lolosian shore.»

    «You»: ... Snow? In Lolosia?
    Captain Frolgar: Aye, truly it gives new weight to the phrase "shiver me timbers."

    «Scene shows icy winds blowing through Lolosia and then returns to the shore.»

    «You»: How on Lore could this happen?
    Captain Frolgar: Yer guess be as good as mine, me hearty. Though I'd reckon that them thar monsters might have something to do with it.
    «You»: ...... Of course.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    See below for encounter list

    Captain Frolgar: That'll show them scurvy dogs!
    «You»: Aye, and maybe now we can find some answers. Let's start over there!

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    Captain Frolgar: Arr, would it not be better if ye asked yer questions before ye fought them?
    «You»: How about this: You investigate your way and I'll investigate mine. Deal?
    Captain Frolgar: Deal. If ye'll excuse me, I be thinkin' that Gibbit might be knowin' what happened.

    «Frolgar leaves.»

    «You»: Fine then. I guess I'll check over there.

    «Scene: Another part of the shore, where a snowman lies on a hammock.»

    «You»: Should have known. Nobody would be out in this weather.
    Snowman: Not quite.
    «You»: What the--? BOON??
    Sailor Boon: In the frost.
    «You»: Why are you still in the hammock? It's freezing out here!
    Sailor Boon: Well, you know how it is... One minute you're in your hammock enjoying a nice cup of moglinberry juice to take the edge off the summer heat--
    Sailor Boon: -- the next minute you're under several feet of snow and some kids are making a snowman around you.
    «You»: Yes, but why are you still in the hammock?
    Sailor Boon: Well, the kids looked like they were having so much fun, I figured "Hey, I've had worse excuses not to move."
    «You»: And the monsters?
    Sailor Boon: Oh, they came in with the storm and I haven't seen them since.

    «"GRAWRR," in big, red letters, runs across the Scene.»

    Sailor Boon: I stand corrected.

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    See below for encounter list

    Sailor Boon: *shivers* It's BACK!!
    «You»: What? The blizzard??
    Snowman: No! THAT!!
    Sailor Boon: Hide!!
    «You»: Uuuhhhh--

    After 5 seconds of serious thought on how to hide...

    ««You» are buried under a mound of snow next to the snowman in the hammock as the Ice Beast enters.»

    Ice Beast: The storm is strongest here... It should be somewhere around... AHA!

    «Sailor Boon's hat falls off and an Ice Orb is revealed to be under it.»

    «You»: !!!!!!!!!
    Ice Beast: Now, who'd have thought there'd be some magic in that old silk hat? And now that I've go--

    ««You» pop out of the mound of snow.»

    «You»: Not so fast!
    «You»: It'll be a cold day in Lolosia before I let you take that orb!
    Ice Beast: ...........
    «You»: ...........
    «You»: Ok, wrong expression... Anyway, you aren't taking it!
  • Fight!

    «You»: Take that, you walking snowglobe!
    Sailor Boon: Now that he's gone maybe we'll thaw out before long.
    «You»: What do I do now?
    Sailor Boon: I think you have your work cut out for you, mate...
  • Continued!
    Ice Orb

    Shop Spells:
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Guardian Ice Beast Attack
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Ice Beast Attack Z
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Ice Beast Attack
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

    Encounter List

    Level 0-25
    Glayser (8)
    Ice Cweam (6)
    Ice Golem (6)
    IceSnayl (7)
    Orrphel (6)
    Snow Warrior (8)

    Level 26-45
    Czard (30)
    Ice Burrower (35)
    Ice Warlord (30)
    Shellzard (30)
    Steppe Mastodon (30)
    Tree Slugger (30)
    WolfRider (30)

    Level 46-65
    Frost General (60)
    Frost Trooper (56)
    Ice Warlord (55)
    Tundra Reaver (54)
    Two-Bear (60)

    Level 66-85
    Czard (70)
    Ice Cweam (70)
    Shellzard (70)
    Tank Knight (70)
    WolfRider (70)
    Yeti (73)

    Level 86-95
    Dirty Snowman (85)
    Ice Burrower (84)
    Ice Cweam (85)
    Shellzard (90)
    Steppe Mastodon (81)
    Tree Slugger (90)

    Level 96-110
    Corpsicle (100)
    Dirty Snowman (105)
    Frost Wraith (100)
    Ice Burrower (99)
    Ice Cweam (100)
    Steppe Mastodon (96)

    Level 111-125
    Ice Burrower (114)
    Orrphel (112)
    Shellzard (110)
    Steppe Mastodon (111)
    WolfRider (111)
    Yeti (119)

    Level 126+
    Ice Burrower (129)
    Shellzard (130)
    Steppe Mastodon (126)
    Tree Slugger (130)
    WolfRider (126)
    Yeti (134)

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