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Obstacle Course

Location: Gameshow Planet -> Games -> Obstacle Course
Objective: You have completed the course!
Requirements: None
Release Date: May 27, 2011



    GLaDERP: It's time to start the level! Are you sure you're ready?

    GLaDERP: In Halls of Hindrance you will be required to reach the end of each stage within the time limit.
    GLaDERP: The time limit is displayed as a timer bar at the bottom of the screen. The time limit changes from stage to stage.
    GLaDERP: Sometimes the limit is 7 seconds, others it could be 10 seconds.
    GLaDERP: There are 5 stages per course. Some stages may be too difficult but never fear!
    GLaDERP: If you fail too many times then you will have the option to use a free pass to move to the next stage.
    GLaDERP: However, should you use this free pass then you will not receive any rewards for the course.
    GLaDERP: W and S will move you up and down while A and D will move you left or right. So remember, WASD! You can use Arrow Keys if you like.
    GLaDERP: Pressing Spacebar will jump. You'll want to avoid the trip hazards with the jump which are red in the stage.
    GLaDERP: Other obstacles may require you to pass under or just avoid altogether. So stay sharp!
    GLaDERP: Hold shift to sprint. You wont reach the goal in time without it but it can be a curse too so be careful!
    GLaDERP: Those are the basics. The rest is up to you to learn as you go! So good luck, contestant, and enjoy the game!

    If you lose halfway: You'll be given any random dialogue

    If you win the stage:
    GLaDERP: Congratulations! You're moving on to the next course!

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