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A reduced ability to act reduces effectiveness to % until a save is made.

If it affects the monster, then all the damage it deals is multiplied by the listed amount. If it affects you (the player):
  • Normal Player attacks and Spells have their damage (Base/Random/Stat) multiplied by the listed amount. Weapon Specials and type "other" attacks (such as Focusing with Kindred armors) are unaffected.
  • Pets and Guests have their stat% multiplied by the listed amount.

    At the beginning of the monster's turn, it makes another saving throw. The panicking lasts until it succeeds on a save. See the individual entries for details on the save; regardless, the monster gets a +2 bonus on its save for each previously failed save.


    Write-up thanks to Koree.

    Resist Panic

    Resist Panic +
    Provides a bonus to any saves against Panic and Panic-like effects.

    As described.


    Panic Potence

    Panic Potence -
    Opponent takes a penalty to any saves against Panic or similar effects.

    As described.


  • In Media Res -> RE: Panicked (8/4/2011 23:09:30)

    Things that Panic monsters:

  • Cataclysmic Crossbow
  • Grim Scythe
  • TimeSlayer Axe (Autumn)

  • Tenebromancer's Robe; Lv. 10 skill - Fell Midnight

  • Jaania's Orb of Power
  • Seeing Red

  • Stone Goblet, Warm Stone Goblet, Warm Stone Goblet Z

    Things that grant resistance to Panic:

  • Liquid Courage

    Things that grant you Panic Potence:

  • Taladosian Pendant

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