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[image][/image]The Cold Hand of Death

Location: Click on Memento Mori
Level/Quest/Items required: Memento Mori
Release Date: March 14th, 2009

Objective: Fighting Death one on one wasn't enough for you? Well then, prepare yourself for another round of Reaper vs. Hero!
Objective completed: The Underworld isn't such a bad place, after all. Fighting Death does keep you in shape!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Death - Boss



Death: CEASE!!!
Charlie: He goo'ed me!
<Character>: It's about time you showed up.
Death: Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason I've been so busy is because the dead have been rising from the grave?
Death: With so many necromancers running around these days, it's almost impossible to keep a set schedule.
Death: Which, speaking of, don't you owe me one or two?
<Character>: Oh, no. No, no. You must be thinking of some other <Class>.
Goober: *Blaaaaarglblblblthppt!*
Death: That will be enough out of you. Back to the Void you go!

Cast a darkness spell on Goober, making it disappear

<Character>: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nice shootin', Death!
Cestis: Can you help me? I want to go home. I miss my husband. But Death will not listen to my pleas.
<Character>: Well, normally, I make it a rule to never get involved with undead people.
<Character>: Aah, who am I kidding? I am involved with undead people all the time!
Cestis: Then you'll help me?
<Character>: I'll see what I can do.
<Character>: So, Death. What do you say? How about freeing this one little spirit, as a favor to me? You wont even miss her.
Death: She may not leave! And you aren't exactly in a position to be asking for more favors...
<Character>: Right. I figured your answer was going to be something like that.

Cestis: My hero! Did my husband request your help? I never thought I'd be free of this place.
Cestis: Did some benevolent god intervene and decide to send you?
<Character>: There is no benevolent god, there is only Zeuster.
Cestis: And you, you must be some demi-god, no? More powerful than ordinary mortals?
<Character>: Normally, when someone asks if I'm a god, I like to say yes.
<Character>: But, to be honest, I'm just a hero trying to do what's right, earn some gold, and convince a contrary chickencow deity to share what seems to be...
<Character>: ... the best-kept secret in Lore.
Cestis: You don't act like a hero.
<Character>: Most of them are pretty stiff. But I bet you see a lot of stiff people down here.

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