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Lord Barrius -> =Dev= It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight.... (8/18/2011 18:29:29)

Recently, we had a discussion about what you expect an advanced knight to be able to do. I think, judging from what I read, most of you will be getting exactly what you asked for! This class is one of my toughest projects yet, but I think you'll appreciate the results.

Today I want to discuss something very important, as my work on Knight begins to move into the planning stages. It's the aspect of story.

Unlike Wizard class's revamp, Knight required work beyond just the class. It has a very generic and boring storyline that doesn't fit with the new path we're taking Knight. As such, we're creating a brand new story for it! You will train as a knight-in-training for your first five levels, then you'll make a commitment to one of Lore's knightly orders, where you'll start to learn some more advanced techniques....up until the very end, where you'll learn the special unique moves known only to the best knights of that order! You'll have to choose your order wisely, since you'll only be able to use your order's armor and skills! You can't represent multiple kingdoms, after all.

But what we need to discuss today is what I've termed the "transfer quest". Suppose you're playing as one type of knight, and you feel as though perhaps the grass is a little greener in someone else's kingdom. The "transfer quest" allows you to switch between one order and another. Now here's the question I want to ask: do you think that, upon switching from one order to another, you should have to retrain those levels, or should you keep the levels you've got?

Let me give an example. Billy trains himself as a Knight up to Lvl 8, then decides he wants to change to another order. There are two ways we can allow this:

1) Billy can be "untrained" down to Lvl 6, where he started. He would lose some levels, but he wouldn't miss out on any of the Knight class's storyline, which is unique to each order. So this option focuses on the importance of the story, rather than training all of the levels.

2) Billy can stay at Lvl 8. This saves you the time of retraining his levels, but he'll miss all of the storyline that Lvls 7 and 8 had to offer, which will make it a bit tougher to follow his new order's storyline. This option focuses on training the class rather than the importance of the storyline.

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