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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= The Terrible Twelve! Part Two (Double Early Release) (8/31/2011 16:53:57)

I'll be brief since the release is already out!

Last week, we challenged you to take the reins and control what release we would put out next week. You fought hard and won! But some of you wanted to know what might have happened if you had lost. We thought it over and agreed to release BOTH parts! That's right, it's a double release week! And this double release week is brought to you by the tireless efforts of Kalanyr (definitely not by DoubleMint gum, because let's face it, if double releases were THAT easy, this wouldn't be such a big deal!). Since we got done early and you all fought so hard, you earned the early release, so please enjoy!

In this release, we learn a bit about Algern's history. Back in the day, Algern was a prominent and gifted knight of Rennd who was offered the chance to join some secret order....but apparently, he decided not to go through with the ritual, deeming it too dangerous. In doing so, he was thrown out and forever labeled a "weakling" by his former mentor....and now he seeks to gain as much power as possible so that he can challenge his former mentor and prove his true might! In honor of Algern's clearly spectacular prowess in Darkness, the powerful Algern's Carapace has been rolled into the LTS shop! It is a Darkness armor which uses Darkness attacks, which can be unusual....but as you'll see, the armor compensates for this with raw power capable of mopping the floor with your foes! I'm sure you can come up with some good strategic uses for this armor.

But lingering questions still remain! With the Terrible Twelve defeated and discouraged, but not yet dissolved, will we take advantage of their weakness and march into their base camp to finish the job? What sort of ritual would be so dangerous that Algern would "chicken out" of joining this mysterious and unknown order? Will ElBhe's line of shadowkitten body sprays for men make him the richest kitten in all of Lore? And just who is this "Barrius" fellow exactly?

And the answers are "absolutely", "we discussed it before in last week's thread", "yes", and "you'll find out next week"! Some surprises yet lay in store for you, so be prepared!

I'll see you next week....quite literally!

Kalanyr -> RE: =Dev, Story= The Terrible Twelve! Part Two (Double Early Release) (8/31/2011 23:11:40)

As nice of LB as it is to give me the credit for this, it literally wouldn't have been possible without Dev, Aelthai, Radagast, Lord Barrius & InMediaRes, if Dev & LB hadn't done a large portion of the monster and reward stats, and , Aelthai,Dev, InMediaRes & Radagast hadn't done bug testing while I was away yesterday I wouldn't have had time to fix the bugs before release.

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