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Kalanyr -> =Dev, Balance= Algern's Carapace (and Z-token items) (9/2/2011 3:41:30)

As you are aware Algern's Carapace was recently released, and it has a rather non-conventional approach , being a Darkness armor locked to attacking with the Darkness element. This has proved highly controversial, due to the limits on our ability to adjust Z-token items, I've reverted the Z-token items to standard armors for now and left the Guardian/Adventurer items as they were to help with gathering further data, once we're more certain of an appropriate modifier, we will release z-token versions of the element-locked version again.

Z-token Items
Since there seems to be some confusion about our z-token item policy here's the current version:
1) Z-token items can be adjusted at will during the first 48 hours after release. This does not usually happen and will never reduce the weapon below standard Z-token power.
2) After the first 48 hours bugs can be fixed. Adjustments can also be made but we can't reduce the overall power of the item for those at its intended level(s) of use (which are the levels between the buy level of the item and its official power level) by its intended users.

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