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Lord Barrius -> =Dev, Story= The Terrible Twelve! Part Three (9/6/2011 22:09:24)

We've come this far, but we still have to deal with the Terrible Twelve....assuming Lord Barrius doesn't deal with them first! This quest will be your first introduction to this mysterious NPC. Just who is he, anyways? We know that he is the leader of a secretive order and that ElBhe is his shadow self, meaning that he clearly wields great power over the shadows. What will this mean when he meets the empowered SeekRat? We know that Algern was once his student, but was forever deemed a weakling because he refused to go through with some sort of ritual. So what will happen when the bold former pupil meets his former mentor once more? And if Algern isn't really a shadowknight (though he claims the title), does that mean Lord Barrius is a real shadowknight, or is he something else?

And perhaps the most important question of all.... why does Barrius look so cute as a pony? ~ElBhe

ElBhe, I swear that once you're rescued, I'm going to kill you myself. ~LB

I will go ahead and warn you in advance that the conclusion to this storyline may not be quite what you expect in terms of length or resolution. However, it's all setting the stage for the eventual conclusion to Chapter 1 of the SeekRat Saga, and a lot of the tidbits in here tie into other material outside of the SeekRat storyline, so it can't wrap up all perfectly in a nice big bow. Rather, this is the start of so many other branches and stories to be told. You may find that you have more questions than answers at the end of this quest. That's a good thing! It means I delivered this last quest properly. All of those new questions will be answered over time in a variety of quests across the Shadow Arc. LB's origins/backstory, Algern's origins/backstory, and so on. The ending of this quest chain isn't as important as all of the speculation that it will create for future events in this arc, and for the upcoming conclusion to this chapter of the SeekRat Saga. What is all of this building up to? What is the SeekRat doing, exactly?

As far as the rewards go, it's some weapons that should accompany a previous quest chain's reward rather nicely. And who knows? Maybe there will be another surprise in that chest, if you're all reeeeeeally good. [:)]

I look forward to your reactions to your first sighting of LB. Everyone who has seen him has said they were surprised with his appearance, so I look forward to shattering your expectations, too!

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