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Shadow Base

Location: Specific Hospital -> Nurse Helia -> Shadow Base
Objective: Sneak into the Shadowscythe base and save Doctor James Dorian. / Great job! This was a major victory over the Shadowscythe invaders! Thanks to you, Dr. Dorian was rescued and returned to the hospital safely!
Requirements: Achieve Rank 31 in Hospital
Release Date: -

  • Shadow Ranger
  • Shadow Mega Gunner
  • Mobile ShadowBase

  • Nurse Helia
  • Mr. Burns
  • Virus
  • Paramecium
  • Starbuck
  • Drooling Alien
  • Dr. Dorian

    Nurse Helia: Thanks to you we were able to study the samples of the ShadowScythe Virus!
    Nurse Helia: However... we have no idea what it does!
    Nurse Helia: Oh well...
    Nurse Helia: Now the Staff here at Specific Hospital needs your help on an incredibly DANGEROUS mission!
    Mr. Burns: (thinks) Good to know this one is dangerous... should be a nice change from those "SAFE" missions where all they do is fire lasers and missiles at you.
    Nurse Helia: Our top Brain Transplant expert has been captured by the ShadowScythe! We need YOU to go get him back.
    Nurse Helia: We have a lot of patients who need emergency brain transplants....
    Nurse Helia: As the most reliable EMT (Emergency Mecha Transport) unit, we are counting on you to save the brain transplant specialist!
    Nurse Helia: Sneak into a ShadowScythe Base and Save Doctor James Dorian!
    Virus: HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME!?
    Paramecium: Dude, don't you watch any soap operas!? Brain Transplants are an extremely important part of our ongoing storyline!
  • Mission - Infiltrate the Shadow Base!
  • Cancel

    Nurse Helia: <Character>, this is a very dangerous mission. We requested aid from the Soluna Armed forces, but haven't received any reply.
    Nurse Helia: We can no longer wait for their response. The prominent Dr. James Dorian has been kidnapped by the Shadowscythe.
    Nurse Helia: We need you to infiltrate their base, and rescue Dr. Dorian. Be careful - the Shadowscythe control this region.
    Nurse Helia: You will be using a military grade GPS Navigation system for this mission. Do you need instructions for how to use it?

    Nurse Helia: The Nav system is extremely easy to use. It will show you the locations of enemy and friendly signals.
    Nurse Helia: Simply click where you would like to go on the map and your mecha will walk there on autopilot.
    Nurse Helia: You may return to the repair truck if you need repairs, but we only have enough supplies to heal you 5 times!
    Nurse Helia: This mission is critical. Failure is not an option! Dr. Dorian is the only doctor who is qualified to perform brain transplants...
    Nurse Helia: ..And we have many patients who really need that procedure badly! Good Luck. Please be careful, <Character>!

    Upon encountering Starbuck:
    Starbuck: Boy am I glad to see you! I was out here trying to rescue Dr. Dorian, but I was defeated by the aliens. Thank you for rescuing me!

    Upon reaching the vantage point:
    Nurse Helia: From this vantage point, you can conceal your mecha and sneak down to the base on foot! Good Luck!
    Drooling Alien: FXHEEIHYER! HRIWEITWE!

    Drooling Alien: FXHEEIHYER! HRIWEITWE!

    Once you've found Dr. Dorian:
    Dr. Dorian: Thank goodness you have come! The Shadowscythe have been probing my brain!
    Dr. Dorian: They are searching for any information they can use against us! I have been focusing deeply to mislead them.
    Dr. Dorian: By focusing on insane things, like Chickencows, I have been able to deceive them!
    Dr. Dorian: But now I am growing weak... I can't shield my thoughts much longer! I am very grateful you arrived when you did!
    Dr. Dorian: Please... take me away from this place!
  • Let's Go!

    Nurse Helia: Great job! You rescued Dr. Dorian! We should get him back to the hospital immediately!
    Nurse Helia: ...
    Nurse Helia: We just received a direct order from Kingadent Slugwrath.
    Nurse Helia: This is very unorthodox! We have been ordered to destroy that Shadowscythe base.
    Nurse Helia: Kingadent Slugwrath wants to take full advantage of this opportunity to strike at the enemy!
    Nurse Helia: <Character>. This is a direct order from the Kingadent himself!
    Nurse Helia: Remember to return to base for repairs! Don't engage the enemy without full power! Good Luck <Character>.... Please be careful!

    After you've defeated one Mobile ShadowBase:
    Nurse Helia: Excellent work <Character>! Not only did you save Dr. Dorian, you scored us a major victory over the Shadowscythe!
    Nurse Helia: Also, since this was technically a military operation, the Kingadent has approved Star Captain Salvages!
    Nurse Helia: It's a good thing you rescued the Doctor when you did! I have studied those samples you retrieved for me earlier.
    Nurse Helia: That patient is actually transforming into a SHADOWSCYTHE! He needs a brain transplant immediately!
    Nurse Helia: This means that ANYONE COULD BE A SHADOWSCYTHE!... Trust no one!
    Nurse Helia: Let's get the good doctor back to safety at the hospital! You both deserve some rest!
  • Salvage (Opens Shadow Base Salvage)
  • Okay

    Rewards Shop:
  • Shadow Base Salvage

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