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Laser Eye for the Space Guy Clothings

Location: Soluna City
Directions: Soluna City -> 2 Right -> Enter Store with a Hanger sign

Locations Available:

Missions Available:

Shops Available:

  • Maria 5
  • [url=]Mandi Kinn[/url]

    Maria 5: Welcome to the Laser Eye for the Space Guy!, Can I interest you in our interplanetary collection?

  • Interplanetary
    Maria 5: We have the latest styles imported from across the solar system. Please have a look.

    Uniforms available:
  • Lagos Pirate
  • Arthurian Knight
  • Westion Gear
  • Westion ZEUS
  • Zargon Suit
  • Thoh Holiday
  • Vampire
  • Vampire Hunter
  • [url=]Yokai Ninja[/url]
  • Data Runner
  • [url=]Mortis Punk[/url]

  • GEARS and Military
    Maria 5: Through special contract with the White Castle, we are a current supplier of Soluna Military uniforms.

    (Uniforms Available:)
  • Star Captain
  • Mecha Pilot
  • SDF Rebel
  • Spy Uniform
  • Wolfblade House
  • Runehawk House
  • Mystraven House
  • Runehawk Mascot
  • Mystraven Mascot
  • Wolfblade Mascot

  • Work and Play
    Maria 5: I have a deal going with the other businesses here in Soluna. You may access all of your current uniforms here!

    Uniforms available:
  • Pizza Uniform
  • Police Uniform
  • Detective
  • Wolf Costume
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Scrubs
  • Doctor
  • TLaPD
  • Martial Artist
  • [url=]Pajamas[/url]

  • Talk
    Maria 5: I am Maria 5. I don't know much about my past... I came to Soluna looking for any clues about my history.
    Maria 5: I am currently attending GEARS University on a research scholarship. I am using their facilities to research my past.
    Maria 5: I opened this ship to help fund my research. I hope I find some answers soon! Maybe you can help someday too...

    Mandi Kinn: Hi, I'm Mandi. Welcome to Laser Eye for the Space Guy! Can I help you find a hat today?

  • Interplanetary
    Mandi Kinn: We have a fine selection of head gear from all over the solar system.

    Hats available:
  • [url=]Westion[/url]
  • [url=]Lagos[/url]
  • [url=]Arthurian[/url]
  • [url=]Vampire Hunter[/url]
  • [url=]Westion[/url]
  • [url=]Ninja Headgear[/url]
  • [url=]Ninja Ponytail[/url]

  • GEARS and Military
    Mandi Kinn: These hats are standard issue and officially sanctioned.

    Hats Available:
  • Soldier Helm
  • Dunce Cap
  • Space Helmet

  • Work and Play
    Mandi Kinn: These hats are currently available to you!
  • Pizza Hat
  • Chef's Hat
  • Pizza Knight
  • Chief Chef's Hat
  • Guard Hat
  • Police Hat
  • CocoChip Hat
  • Sleuth Hat
  • Werewolf Mask
  • Doctor's Hat
  • Spectre Specs
  • TLaPD
  • [link=]TLaPD 2[/link]
  • Bandana
  • Mysterious!

  • Talk
    Mandi Kinn: Maria 5 hired me not too long ago. Like my sister Replikins, I am always ready to help.
    Mandi Kinn: Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.

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