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Parker's Books

Location: Planet Zargon
Directions: Planet Zargon -> Enter shop on the left, with a 'Parker's Books' sign

Locations Available:

Missions Available:

Shops Available:
  • Zargon Comics
  • Comic-Book-Themed Weapons

  • Kent Parker

    Kent Parker: Welcome to my bookshop, <Character>! Would you like to check out my latest comics?

  • Comics!
    Kent Parker: Would you like a subscription to the Adventures of <Character>? ZPS delivers to starships!

  • Weapons!
    Kent Parker: I just got a shipment of comic-book-themed weapons! Selina said they have Combos!
  • Combos?
    Kent Parker: Combos are a part of the new technology Selina is working on.
    Kent Parker: I'm not sure whether you already know about this, actually.
    Kent Parker: She can explain about the Combos better than I can, so you should go back and talk to her.
    Kent Parker: You may have to do a few missions for her before the Combos are ready...
    Kent Parker: If that's the case, then just keep helping her. She'll tell you when they're all set up!
    Kent Parker: These got a little scratched during delivery, but they are still very good weapons!
    Kent Parker: They were originally developed in tandem with a marvelous film featuring superheroes!
    Kent Parker: I doubt it ever made it as far as Cinemech, but it was very popular on some of the more distant planets.
    Kent Parker: So enjoy the weapons and don't forget to test out the Combos whenever Selina gets that all set up if she hasn't already!

  • Talk
    Kent Parker: Hi, I'm Kent Parker. Since my powers were drained by Dr. Boltavolt, I decided to set up a bookshop!
    Kent Parker: I just got a new comic in stock... It's called the Adventures of <Character>!
    Kent Parker: Hey... that's your... No way! It must be a coincidence...

  • Superpower?
    Kent Parker: I used to have a pretty strange power. I could communicate telepathically with others through writing.
    Kent Parker: If I concentrated on a person hard enough. They would "hear" any words that I wrote down.
    Kent Parker: It was even possible for me to write dreams for sleeping people.
    Kent Parker: It was an amazing gift, but in the wrong hands my power can be used to cause madness.
    Kent Parker: I hope that Boltavolt can't directly use the powers he has drained from us...

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