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Pieces of 8

Location: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011 -> Captain Rhubarb -> Pieces of 8, Talk Like a Pirate Day 2012
Objective: N/A
Requirements: None
Release Date: 9/16/2011

  • Anchorman
  • Pirate Captain
  • Pirate Navigator
  • Pirate Raider
  • Pirate Sniper
  • Pirate Swordsmith
  • Barbarosa

  • Captain Rhubarb

    Captain Rhubarb: Aye <Character Name>! We be hunting for booty! You know how to pick a lock, right?

  • Wait, how?
    Captain Rhubarb: Each chest has 5 pins that need ta be pushed in the correct order! Hit the wrong pin, they'll all fall!
    Captain Rhubarb: You're not the only one hunting for these chests so you have a time limit.
    Captain Rhubarb: Find the correct order for the pins to be hit and you'll unlock the chest and win a Piece of Eight!

    (If there is no lock to pick, one of the following:)
    Captain Rhubarb: Aye. No booty here but you live to pillage another day!
    Captain Rhubarb: Aye, you shouldn't take it too badly. The other pirate didn't get anything either.
    Captain Rhubarb: It could've been worse. You could've walked the plank of life!
    Captain Rhubarb: Arrr! You didn't get a treasure chest but at least ye didn't bite the barnacles.

    (After picking the lock, one of the following:)
    Captain Rhubarb: ARR! Yer makin' me proud! That's a great find!
    Captain Rhubarb: Yer collection of booty is coming along. Keep up the good work!
    Captain Rhubarb: You've got yourself a Piece of Eight! We'll be at our goal in no time!
    Captain Rhubarb: You've done it! Arrr... Yer one fantastic pirate!

    (If you fail to pick the lock, one of the following:)
    Captain Rhubarb: Argh! We've been made into fools once more!

  • Piece of Eight
  • Parrot Hurler

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