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Jay -> Annapurna (9/17/2011 8:43:23)



Location: Falconreach -> Down -> 2 Left -> Down Left

Quests given

Shops owned

Annapurna: Hi!

  • Talk
    Annapurna: Have you come to see the statue?
    • Yes
      Annapurna: Oh, me too! This is my favorite place in all of Falconreach!
      Annapurna: Every day I come here.. it's my spot.

      Annapurna: Yeah.. well it is. But that's not why I come here.
      Annapurna: Some day, I'm going to become a SUPER GREAT mage like Warlic! He is my hero!

      Annapurna: What, you don't think I can?

      • I think you can
        Annapurna: Really?! Sweet! I'm going to train every single day!
        Annapurna: Some day I'll be just as strong and brave a mage as Warlic is! Then I can help defend the town when we're in trouble!

        Annapurna: Heehee! You're really nice. Would you like to have some of my spellberries?

        Annapurna: Yeah! All the great mages eat them. They help to make your magic stronger! Want some?

        • Sure
          Annapurna: Hee hee!

        • No thanks
          Annapurna: Oh, ok. Well, come back if you change your mind. *OM NOM NOM*

      • Not a chance
        Annapurna: !!!
        Annapurna: Don't you know that moglins are good at magic? Most of us have inherent magical abilities!

        Annapurna: Oooh! I'll show you. Just you watch!
    • No
      Annapurna: Oh, are you new to Falconreach?

      • Yes
        Annapurna: Oh, then welcome to Falconreach! There is lots to do, so you won't get bored.

        Annapurna: Well let's see.. Ash and Twilly always have lots of things going on. You can find them near Serenity's Inn.
        Annapurna: Or you could check out the shops. Patch's barber shop is just down the road a little bit, and so is the bakery.
        Annapurna: Reens and Alina run the potion shops to the left of Serenity's Inn. They can probably find you something to do as well.

        Annapurna: Oh, and there's-- There is a lot more, but you said you like to explore so I'll let you find them all.

      • No
        Annapurna: Oh, so you just came to relax a little bit, huh? Don't worry, I won't bother you.


    Thanks to Voodoo Master for information.

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