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Location: Sekali Desert -> Temple
Objective: Traverse the temple maze and battle Nephyrisis! / Congratulations. You used ancient magic found in the ancient tomes of the Sekali temple to locate and defeat Nephyrisis, the second Vampire Lord of Necryptos!
Requirements: Completion of Temple Entrance
Release Date: -

  • Mummy
  • Nephyrisis

  • Nephyrisis

    Nephyrisis: Ah, Dimitri's Bloodstone?... So, my brother has bitten a random person in Lyceum and now you are trying to destroy our entire bloodline? Hahahaha! You are on a hopeless quest, my dear. Our family has ruled this land for countless generations! We have brought wealth and power to the lands and built an empire! If you succeed in your quest, you will doom all of Necryptos to an unmentionable fate! There is an ancient power that threatens everything here and I can feel it awakening. Would you really doom this planet for the sake of one mortal girl? Your journey will end and your life of eternal servitude will begin here on this day!

  • Sekali Bloodshard

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