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Peachii -> Salvage Hunting (9/24/2011 23:31:04)

Salvage Hunting

Location: Soluna City -> Joey -> Search for Salvage
Objective: Search and defeat 5 enemies to complete mission (The counter currently is bugged and shows 10)
Requirements: None
Release Date: 23rd Sep, 2011

  • Rifle Master
  • Pupperoni
  • Mega Spider
  • Shadow Scorpion
  • Orbo
  • Hover Bug
  • Hot Dog
  • Shadow Quadruped
  • Cyclops Serpent
  • Shadowscythe Hound
  • Jimmy the Eye-Pod
  • Mino-Ton
  • Mobile ShadowBase
  • Shadow Gun Tower

  • Joey

    Joey: Hi, <Character>! I've been studying how to salvage junk left over on the battlefield. Care to help me?

  • Explain Salvage
    Joey: I'm studying how to restore weapons to their former glory. I know there's a battlefield nearby and I wondered if you could help me.
    Joey: Visit the battlefield and fight enemies. After each victory, you may or may not find unusable items called Salvageable Items.
    Joey: If you bring one to me, I'll happily restore it to its former glory for super cheap. Take note of the weapon type though.
    Joey: If the salvageable item is a front shoulder slot, the weapon I make will also be front shoulder.
    Joey: Also, if the weapon is level 1, then the salvaged weapon may be between level 1 and 10.
    Joey: If the Salvageable Item is level 11, then it can be between levels 11 through 20. Level 21 is level 21 through 30, etc.
    Joey: Also NG Salvage can only be salvaged with Nova Gems. Star Captain items can only be salvaged by Star Captains.
    Joey: If you have a Salvageable Item, bring it to me and choose Salvage an Item.
    Joey: Select the item you wish to salvage and I will replace it with the restored weapon!

  • Salvageable Item (given randomly)

    Note: In order to turn your Salvageable Item into a weapon, you must merge it in Salvageable Items

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