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Ianthe -> Fearful Presence (9/27/2011 2:20:24)

Fearful Presence

Fearful Presence
Possesses a mighty, terrifying presence that may strike opponents with such fear they will be unable to act during their first turn.

If the monster has it, then at the start of battle, you, your guest, and your pet make a save. If anyone fails, then it is Paralysed for one turn.

If you have it, then the monster makes a save at the start of battle. If it fails, then it is Paralysed for one turn.


Ianthe -> RE: Fearful Presence (9/27/2011 2:21:09)

Monsters with a Fearful Presence

  • Fear Drake
  • Ryn the Undying

    Ryn the Undying thanks to The Forgotten

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