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Learned Monocle

Also see Brainy Monocle, Guardian Studious Monocle, Wise Monocle, Highbrow Monocle, Cerebral Monocle Z, Guardian Erudite Monocle, Guardian Cultivated Monocle

Level: 55
Power Level: 55
Price: 3138 279
Sellback: 1569 139
Location: A Mysterious Visitor!
Element: Neutral

Activation: 0 turns
  • All Magic spells deal 110% damage. If the spell costs MP, then you pay SP equal to 24% of the spell's MP cost. If the spell costs SP, then you pay 32% of the spell's SP cost. If the spell costs HP, then you pay 36% of the spell's HP cost. Neither of the last two are implemented yet.
  • The boost is not applied to spells above level 70.

    Cost: 0 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

    In addition to providing an air of sophistication this monocle can also enhance your spells!

    Numbers thanks to IMR. Image and write-up thanks to UltraGuy. Description thanks to bszoke88. Correction thanks to bassetbookworm.

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