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Zevox -> Crit Guide (10/2/2011 23:43:43)

Crit Guide

This guide is for those players who want to see what items will give you the maximum crit. As such it has the highest crit items in-game for each accessory type and as a result most are level 60+. I have all items of equal crit value listed so that you can choose which one you want to farm for/buy, with the exception of rares. I will list rares if they are the best, but if rares tie with a non-rare only the non-rare will be listed. I shall provide links so you will be able to tell what is rare or DC or gold or a quest drop and as such will not be listing the items as such. This guide only has accessories since as concerning weapons damage is more important than crit for most and using the excepted damage formula crit is taken into account when doing weapon damage. I will be updating this guide every release either the Friday of or the following Saturday.

Enjoy this guide and I hope some find it's contents beneficial!

Helm: Belial's Armored Visage (+13)(lv.70), Doomknight Helm (+12)(lv.80), Doomed Death Head (+10)(lv.68), DoomKnight Helm (+10)(lv.70), Doomed Draconis Tenebras (+10)(lv.70), Illumina's Visage V (+10)(lv.70), Vendetta Mask (+10)(lv. 70)
Cape: Stygian Harvester Wings (+11)(lv.70), Sidhe Wings (IV) (+11)(lv.70), Noxius Doom Harvester Wings (+10)(lv.70), Pristine Soul Harvester Wings (+10)(lv.70), War Wolf Cape IV (+10)(lv.70), Doom War Wolf Cape (+10)(lv.70), Illumina's Light V (+10)(lv.70), Aika Backguard (+10)(lv.75)
Belt: Defender's Dragon Belt IX, X, XI (+8)(lvs. 65, 68, 71), Defender's Dragon Belt VII (+7)(lv. 62), Bacon Bits (+7)(lv.68)
Ring: A Holy Ring (+7)(lv.50), Mega Deathly Hollow Ring(+7)(lv.60), Gasket Band (+6)(lv.55)
Necklace: Defender's Dragon Necklace XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII (+10)(lvs.60, 65, 68, 70, 72), Akriloth's Bane IV (+10)(lv.65)
Trinket: Spiked Leather Guantlet (+9)(lv.60)

Thanks to fxmybrute13 and salvationXI for some corrections, and of course to our glorious DF Accesories Encyclopedia

bobtehnoob -> RE: Crit Guide (1/15/2012 14:34:48)

have you gotten the NEW defender's dragon items?
also you should include an alternative for non-DAs and non-DC buyers...

farm for/bye,


Zevox -> RE: Crit Guide (2/4/2012 12:01:28)

Sorry, got so into the war forgot to update this, will do that now. I do provide alternatives to dmk and DM and DC items, however I will not be adding a non-DA section unless someone were to give bme the items.

EDIT: Okay, should all be up to date now [:)]

Gingkage -> RE: Crit Guide (12/15/2012 16:54:22)

As this hasn't been worked on in almost six months, I am going to assume the original owner is no longer interested in working on it. To that affect, I am going to be locking this

Fed to the Wolves. ~Gingkage

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