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Selutu -> Mechquest Acronyms and Abbreviations (10/15/2011 6:38:26)

There are many acronyms and abbreviations in Mechquest used on a regular basis, and there are some who are only ever brought up every now and then. To many people, this may be confusing - thus I, with the help of a number of other people, have created this list of MQ acronyms and abbreviations.

Do you have any acronyms or abbreviations to add to the list?

4oJ - Fourth of July. (Refers to the mecha released in celebration of that day; usually the first one.)
AHM - Advanced House Mecha.
AMR - Advanced Raven.
ANH - Advanced Nova Hawk.
ANR - Advanced Nova Raven.
ANW - Advanced Nova Wolf.
ArB - Arthurian Bull.
ArE - Arthurian Eagle.
ARH - Advanced Hawk.
ArR - Arthurian Ram.
ArW - Arthurian Wolf.
AWB - Advanced Wolf.
BaM - Build-a-Mecha.
BC - BC-AOD-X## Series.
CAL - Corrupted Arthurian Lion
CDPA - Corrupted Drakel Power Armor .
CHM - Corrupted House Mecha.
Clown - Aprils Fool day Clown Mecha.
CMR - Corrupted Mystraven.
CRH - Corrupted Runehawk.
CWB - Corrupted Wolflade.
Derpy - Derpmachine.
DG - Dragonguard.
DMR - Deluxe Mecharoni.
DPA - Drakel Power Armor.
DWA - Drakel War Armor.
FFM - Fresh Frankenmecha.
FM/Franky - Frankenmecha.
GGHM - GEARS Edition House Mechs
GGMR - GEARS Edition Mystraven
GGRH - GEARS Edition Runehawk
GGWB - GEARS Edition Wolfblade
GH - Geist Hunter.
HE - Hunter Eidolon.
HH - Hammerhead.
HHM - Headless Horseman Mecha.
HM - Classic House Mecha.
HW - Hunter Wraith.
Jason mech(a) - Jameson mecha.
KAU - Knightron AU.
MH - Mohawk.
MR (3.5 - 3.9) - Mystraven. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
NGHM - Nova House Mecha.
RF - Rapidflash.
PR - Pirate Raider.
RH (3.5 - 3.9) - Runehawk. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
SCM - Skullcrusher Mecha
SCMM/SCM - Star Captain Monthly Mech.
Seppy - Sepulchure.
SM - Snow Mecha.
SP/STP/Steamy - Steampunk.
StrM - Strider Mech.
UJ - Über Jameson mecha. (Not to be confused with the older Jameson mecha.)
VH/VS - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
V-H/V-S - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
V-Hunter/V-Slayer - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
VH - Void Hover.
VL - Volt Lance.
VK - Vladic Knight
WB (3.5 - 3.9) - Wolfblade. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
WrB - Warbear.

BA - Back Arm.
BBM - Bristly Bullmace.
BBS - Brutal Beta Shot.
BD - Body/BallDrop Mace
BM - Bullmace.
BS - Back Shoulder.
CSR - Crusader's Shining Repeater.
DS - Dualstrike.
EDSP - Earth Day Solar Panels
ES - Electron Sniper.
FA - Front Arm.
FoFP - Face of Frostval Past
FS - Front Shoulder.
GFR - Gift Freeze Ray.
HD - Head
KRC - KRN Rocket Chainsaw.
Mod - Modification. (Trinkets.)
PJ - Birthday Pyjamas. (Character costume.)
NDE - Nephyrisis Death Embrance
NY Head - New Years Head.
RCP - Rocket Propelled Chainsaw. (KRN Rocket Chainsaw.)
SES - Shining Electron Sniper.
SNDS - Supernova Dualstrike.
Slugs - New Years Slugs Ultra.
Snpr - Sniper. (Gark Musket series.)
TZ - Ticklish Zorbo
UES - Used Electron Sniper.
Wep - Weapon.
YDS - Yellow Ducky Submarine.

ACC - Accuracy.
BoT - Buff over Time.
BTH - Bonus to Hit.
Buff - To make something stronger.
CD - Cooldown
Crit - Critical Hit.
Dmg - Damage.
DNoT - Diminishing nerf over Time.
DoT - Damage over Time.
DPT - Damage Per Turn.
EFF - Efficiency.
EP - Energy Points.
EXP - Experience Point(s).
GBoT - Growing buff over time.
GNoT - Growing nerf over time.
HoT - Heal over Time.
HP - Health Points.
IDoT - Increasing Damage over time
KO - Knockout. (Referring to the weapon special, may also refer to "killing" an enemy.)
LUK - Luck.
Nerf - To make something weaker.
NoT - Nerf over time.
OHK/OTK/OHKO - One Hit/Turn Kill/One Hit Kill.
PRC/Per - Perception.
PWR - Power.
Regen - Regeneration.
RFLX/REF - Reflex.
XP - Experience Point(s).


BBB - Big Bad Broncho.
BRR - Big Rusty Rat.
HSA - Hoverscythe Model A.
HSB - Hoverscythe Model B.
RCS - Reconnaiscythe.
VK - Vladic Knight
X-Piotr - Extreme Piotr

Locations, Quests and shops
AvP - Arthurians vs Pirates. (War.)
GG - Gears Games.
K&S/KS - Knife and Spork.
NC - Necryptos.
NCX - Necryptos X (SC Challenges)
SCC - Star Captain Club.
SC-EC - Star Captain Extreme Challenge.
TM - Tek's Mechs.

Non-Player Characters:
Bally - Ballyhoo.
HV - Han Velsing.
MJ - Mysterious Johnson.
MS - Mysterious Stranger.

EC - Ebilcorp. (Formerly known as Evilcorp.)
MR - Mystraven.
RH - Runehawk.
SDF - Soluna Defense Forces.
ShS - Shadowscythe. (Preferred.)
SPD - Soluna Police Department.
SS - Shadowscythe.
WB - Wolfblade.

AE - Artix Entertainment.
AEsome - Above awesome/Artix Entertainment good.
Char - Character.
DFA - Death from Above.
DG - Dragonguard.
DLV - Dragonlord Verification.
F2P - Free to Play. (Not paying any real life money for upgrades or secondary currency.)
G(G)D - Mechquest General Discussion.
GV - Guardian Verification.
ID# - Identification Number. (of your character.)
IRC - Internet Relay Chat.
LC - Level Cap. (The highest level currently attainable in the game.)
LT - Level Threshold (The state of having enough experience points to level up after reaching the level cap. In such cases, a character will level up instantly once the cap is raised.)
LvL/Lv - Level.
Misc - Miscellaneous aka "What doesn't fit into the other categories."
MQ - Mechquest
MQGD - Mechquest General Discussion.
MQSF - Mechquest Suggestions Forum.
NaN - Not a Number.
NG - Nova Gems.
NPC - Non-Player Character.
NSC - Non-Star Captain.
OP - Overpowered.
P2W - Pay to Win. (slightly negative connotation referring to NG items and NG users.)
PvAI - Player vs Artificial Intelligence
PvP - Player vs Player.
Q&A - Questions and Answers.
Rep - Reputation.
RLL - Real Life Luck.
RNG - Random Number Generator. (May also refer to the Random Number God; offending it tends to be a bad idea.)
SC - Star Captain.
S.O.O.N - Soon or Otherwise Never.
UP - Underpowered.

Commonly used acronyms/abbreviations with no relation to Artix Entertainment:

BTW - By the way.
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.
IDK - I don't know.
IIRC - If I Remember/Recall Correctly.
IMO - In my opinion.
IMHO - In my honest opinion.
K - Stands for thousand when added after a number. I.e 10k=Ten thousand.
M - Million.
RL - Real Life.
TBH - To be honest.

What if I don't know what somethings are?
It's no problem at all, you can always post a question in the MQ Q&A section or you can find it yourself in the MQ Encyclopedia.


Kuld -- For creating this guide
Dev -- For allowing me to take over this guide
golden1231 -- For reminding me of BallDrop Mace and the color coding.
Gus -- For suggesting placing things in an alphabetical order and the color coding as well as suggesting the requirement of links to the MQ Encyclopedia and typos as well as for approving this guide.

The Cow says MOO -> RE: Mechquest Acronyms and Abbreviations (12/14/2011 5:35:28)

I think that you should add :

Turkey Launcher series (The Lethal Fried Turkey Launcher etc.) - KFT Launchers

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