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Pyroclastic Pyrecrag G

Also see Dormant Pyrecrag, Erupting Pyrecrag G, Fumarolic Pyrecrag, BlaZing Pyrecrag, Molten Pyrecrag, Pelean Pyrecrag

Level: 134G
Power Level: 137, Mastercraft
Price: 2339810 9,115,334 Gold
Sellback: 1169905 4,557,666 Gold
Location: Paxia Under Siege!

Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 7-53
BTH: 17

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Earth or Fire
Damage: 701.5% Base and Random each
Stat: 502% each*
BTH: 52
Rate: 20%

*Stat damage only applies when a lucky strike occurs.

  • Click the weapon to switch between Earth or Fire damage.

    This axe was forged by Geotal and Igneox to repel the invasion of the Numbered Beasts from Paxia. It can switch between Earth and Fire damage when clicked.


    Image thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Description thanks to bszoke88. Corrections thanks to UltraGuy.

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