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ArchMagus Orodalf -> =WF= Release October 18, 2011 - Starship Snoopers - LIVE! (10/18/2011 18:16:36)




--The colonists of planet P98 are under attack by bugs -- Exos bugs! It's up to you to save them in this new mission: Starship Snoopers! (General Stormfront on the Hangar Deck)

Reward items include:
--Laser Barrage tech!
--EMP gun!

PLUS: The WarpGuardian Level Cap is 100. Become a WarpGuardian to level beyond 75 and unlock higher level missions and content!

WARPFORCE is open for everyone to play! WF is the official sci-fi expansion of AQ.

Right now there is a special WarpGuardian offer for all upgraded players of AE games!
If you are already a Guardian in AQ, a Star Captain in MechQuest, a DragonLord in DragonFable, or a Member in AQWorlds, you can get a huge $10 discount on the WarpGuardian upgrade in WarpForce!!

Unlock all WarpGuardian features and support WF! http://www.battleon.com/warpforce/guardian/

AQ and WF get bigger and more exciting all the time, as new events, quests and items are added regularly!

Battle on!

Galanoth & the AQ/WF Team

Dear Lords, the EMP gun better not be another Energy gun... Gap-fillers, please!

Oh, and: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starship_Troopers

Tagged! ~$b

moneybags -> RE: Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 20:45:31)

I'll check out the quest for sure, but I'm probably not going to get the gun since I'm a Striker. Can't wait for the release though, it's been a while :)

.Discipline -> RE: Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 21:01:01)

Hmmmm... sounds interesting. I wonder if we'll have to heal Natrick Parris...
Guns and techs aren't that useful to my primary, being a striker and all, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the quest when I get to it.

Lord of Nightmares -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 22:16:01)

Looks like the WG level cap won't be raised this time around. A pity, as I'm been waiting for what seems like forever now to purchase the Omega Astramorph.

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 22:42:53)

LoN: The WG Cap isn't going to rise for a while; the highest level they said they would go to in the first place was 100, though they do have higher items for if they hit 150 eventually...

Lord of Nightmares -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 23:45:05)


If that's the case, it looks like I won't be able to beat the final main storyline boss (at least to date) for a very, very long time.

BlackAces -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/18/2011 23:55:20)

Exos huh hopefully we get a water gauntlet either way looks interesting.

Balu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 5:01:55)

Can`t wait for the release and to see how they did the Starship Troopers spoof, seeing how I`m a big fan of the first movie, watching it like half a dozen time!

Seems like forever since the last release, hopefully we will get some good stuff too.

Lord of Nightmares -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 5:06:58)

I believe's the game's updated bimonthly now instead of monthly.

Digital X -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 5:13:23)

It's bi-monthly now yes.

Balu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 5:44:18)

It seemed like more than that to me, even if I am really bussy in RL and the weeks pass by me like crazy.

But yeah, it`s bi-monthly now and I`m hoping our great staff keep releasing gap fillers, because we could really use them, both warp trackers and guardians. Me wants a water gauntlet and a new water gun sooo much! :-)

Cookielord12 -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 10:37:58)

i hoped for at least something halloween-ish but never mind

Jakau Ryuu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/19/2011 15:33:23)

Nnn... It looks like another pair of duplicate-role items are coming out - unless the gun winds up being Light, which could make sense when one takes into account the old IMP Tech (it would still be a repeat, but somewhat less so). But this new Tech sounds like yet another Fire one, which we frankly have too many of. I hope I'm wrong on this, though. We desperately need Water items - maybe we'll luck out and one of these will be Water. *is hoping*

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/21/2011 18:23:43)

The planet image and landscape for Planet P-98 are exactly the same as those for Hennaooine. WF must really be running out of funding. =/



Stormfront: P-98 is mostly desert, so Ken Benobi will accompany you.

That's just flat-out wrong.

Jakau Ryuu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/21/2011 19:11:47)

Um... is the new Tech supposed to be dealing Magic damage? O.o Not that I'm complaining, mind, but it's not what I was expecting to see.
Also, where's the gun? It wasn't in the Quest shop.

Besides a couple of typos, the quest was alright. Couldn't really get into the story that much, unfortunately. :/

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/21/2011 19:18:46)

Yeah, there wasn't any story. It was quite blah...

It's dealing Magic damage? Interesting... I'mma check it out.

And I couldn't find the Gun, either; I looked everywhere.

Jakau Ryuu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/21/2011 19:44:26)

Yup, from what I'm seeing it's dealing 5 hits of Magic Light damage. Hopefully, that'll stay, because otherwise it's just a slightly-compressed Zero-Point Energy. >.>

@below: I noticed that you noticed that. But you edited the comment on it out. >.>
*sees a space tumbleweed*

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/21/2011 20:06:44)

^Yep, I noticed that.

Balu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/26/2011 14:44:08)

Nice and fun little quest. It`s always a pleasure when I can unleash the powah of my gunner on something. There were quite a few things that made playing the quest an enjoyable experience for me. First regarding the music that starts up when you fly towards the location. It plays until the first quest scene which is good. I dislike when the music just stops and you still see your ship flying towards a planet in silence, like some past quests do, but here it`s spot on.

The second thing is the Iznuk's left hand wep design. Looks similar to the Arachnids mouth from the 97 movie, which is totally awesome. "Good job!" and "appreciated!" from me to the one from the staff members that came up with the idea!

I also liked that there was a good amount of battles. I would have wanted even more exos to squash :-) but still, there were enough and the quest took me a good amount of time to complete.

The battle scene was short but intense. I ain`t never seen so many Exo Gunners in one place. Enjoyed that!

This part taken from the mission debriefing is also a nice touch: "the Iznuk have reduced their supply costs by 5 percent as a thank-you for your help"
Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see that what I did mattered in more that one way.

However, I wish there was more than one reward. Being bimonthly now it`s even hard to deal with gap fillers or just get good stuff. I wish and hope that every quest from this big change (the releases going bimonthly) will have 2 or more rewards, so that more players get to buy something. But I can`t even imagine the amount of time, work, coding and testing it takes to release just one reward, be it an armor, gauntlet, skill/tech etc. So all that you release is much appreciated!

I would love to see a continuation of this quest and more things to remind me of one of my fav movies. Never read the book, but I think I will.
While thinking about a possible quest continuation, I even though of a possible reward.

The carapace aka the shell on the Exo Barnacle Basher's back. That thing could be modified and used as a water gauntlet. And like the Network Deflector, maybe, when clicked on, it could be used to attack, like the monster does with the spikes coming out of it`s back. Just a thought.

Now to comment on the new gun, what can I say, it`s good. I played through the new quest 2 times by only using it, except when I had to use my Veritos on a couple of monsters, and it hits solid dmg with great lucky strike dmg dealt. Too bad I can`t get the lvl 115 one, darn you max lvl cap! I do wish it was a bit smaller like 15 or 20% it`s looks kinda hard to wield. The artwork reminds me of one of them van der graaf generators. It looks good, but like I said seems a bit bigger compared to the player.

Well, this was a long post, so I`ll end it with me typing: Good job with this quest, I had fun and can`t wait for the next release!

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/26/2011 18:35:27)

Huh, the Gun's been released. That took a while...

Jakau Ryuu -> RE: =WF= Newsletter October 18, 2011 (10/27/2011 15:30:48)

*checks info subs* Huh, the new Tech's got an accurate lean, on top of dealing Magic damage. That's two points in its favor - I'm keeping it. ^_^
Certainly wasn't expecting a Darkness-element gun. And according to my list of "Stuff I Don't Have and Can't Get Yet," it fills in some higher-level gaps.

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