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TerriFi-ying Tech

Location: Mogloween '11 - Planet Mortis --> Boss!
Objective: Great work! You retrieved the terri-fi-ying tech from EbilCorp and have saved the entire Universe from going out of tune!
Requirements: Find and follow 6 clues in Starship Hunting
Release Date: October 28, 2011

  • Maria 86
  • Extreme Maria 13
  • TerriFi

  • Maria 86
  • Jack
  • Mr. Z

    Maria 86: You are not authorized to enter this area!

    If defeated:
    Jack: We didn't even make it to our objective. We should rethink our strike before continuing.

    Jack: Looks like they have the place guarded well...

    Jack: It looks like the technology is...Look out!

    If defeated:
    Jack: You can't give up now! We've come so far!

    Jack: You stopped the wretched device! Now quickly grab the tech and return to Mortis.
    Jack: With any luck I can convert it into something for you and maker sure EbilCorp never gets their hands on it!

    Mr. Z: Maria 86... You were in charge of the TerrifFi project, yes?
    Maria 86: Yes sir. Since we were able to obtain the music sample and weaponize it into a -
    Mr. Z: And did it work?
    Maria 86: Um..well, our initial prototype had been completed bu.. um.. there was a.. um...
    Mr. Z: Are you making excuses, Maria 86?
    Mr. Z: You know how EbilCorp feels about excuses.
    Maria 86: Yes sir! I mean, no sir Mr. Z, sir - I'm not making excuses. But the... prototype was...
    Maria 86: It didn't do well in a field test condition.
    Mr. Z: See, now was that so hard?
    Mr. Z: Remember, Maria 86, first and foremost, EbilCorp is a people company.
    Mr. Z: Which means...
    (Maria 86 screams and disappears)
    Mr. Z: ..we can always make more.
    Mr. Z: sigh...
    Mr. Z: Time to get another Maria.

    Rewards Shop:
  • TerriFi Horror Mecha

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