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Parakkas Unbound!

Location: Battleon » Click on Robina's Shop » Quests! » Next * 2 » Parakkas Unbound!

«Scene: Battleon»

«You»: Today seems quiet. Maybe I'll get a chance to train! It would be nice for once not be pulled into some quest to save the world again.

«Truffle flies in.»

«You»: Truffle!!
Truffle: Pfweeeet!!
«You»: What are you doing here all alone? Where is Miss Valencia?
Truffle: Tuuwerrrrrr weet pweet weet!!
«You»: Okay, lead the way little guy!
  • Follow!

    «Truffle flies off-Scene. New Scene: Valencia.»

    Valencia: Good job, Truffle! I see you brought «You» along just like I asked!
    «You»: Valencia! Is something wrong?
    Valencia: I hope it is nothing too bad, but I thought it best to enlist the help of an experienced warrior just in case. I have recently-- come into possession of valuable information.
    Valencia: As with all valuable information, it came with a price. My source a tribeswoman from the Skraeling Desert, a woman named Rashala...

    «Scene: Skraeling Desert, where Valencia is talking to Rashala.»

    .... She had lost all of her family years before, and eventually decided to remain alone and search for adventure on her own.

    I found that she and I had much in common, as she had become quite a renowned hunter of rare items in the southern hemisphere.

    In her travels, she came across tales of a desert of a desert warlord named Parakkas, who was once a force to be reckoned with.

    «Scene zooms in on Rashala as Parakkas fades in on the left.»

    Parakkas was a half-Djinn, an outcast among both people and demonkind. He raged against both worlds, and built a small empire based around his own beliefs.

    Unfortunately, his beliefs included slavery of those weaker than him, and so several Lorian kingdoms united to overthrow Parakkas's rule in the Skraeling Desert. They succeeded, but Parakkas escaped.

    «Parakkas fades out as the Scene zooms out again.»

    Rashala found out that Parakkas had resurfaced and apparently is rebuilding his forces.

    Whoever can find and stop him will surely be a hero, and have access to whatever items he has collected for his army.

    «Scene returns to the present.»

    Valencia: Neither Rashala or I are warriors, however, so I thought that getting you involved was the best next step.
    «You»: This Parakkas guy sounds really dangerous. Where can I find him?
    Valencia: That's the thing. Rashala didn't learn of an exact location, but rumors suggested Prakkas first resurfaced in the Northlands.
    Valencia: I already contacted Lavistria and Brontus, the greatest Elf and Orc warriors respectively. They should be waiting for you when you arrive in the north.
    «You»: Okay, Valencia. I'll go meet up with them and see if they've found anything yet.
  • Go North!

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    See below for encounter list

    «You»: *sniff* Yuck! Something smells like rotten eggs!

      1 BATTLE
    See below for encounter list

    «You»: Lavistria! Brontus! ............ Is anyone here??

    «Lavistria and Brontus enter.»

    Lavistria: «You»! Valencia told us you would catch up to us.
    Brontus: It's nice to have some backup. This is looking like we will need it.
    «You»: Well, hehe, I LIKE to think of myself as a little more than just BACKUP. Anyway, what have you found?
    Lavistria: We're standing on it.
    «You»: Wha-- Oh. It's... some kind of path?
    Brontus: Melted into ice, then refrozen. We traced it to its origin and it looks like Parakkas found a place to open a portal to Heck, then summoned some demons.
    Lavistria: The melted path is from Parakkas taking those demons south. I'm willing to bet Parakkas was hiding up here for years, about as far as he could get from where anyone would look for him.
    Brontus: And now he's head back to the Skraeling. We missed him by a few hours. YOU probably passed him on your way up here.
    «You»: Hmmm... Yeah. I think I might have. Brimstone smells like rotten eggs, right? And there is a lot of brimstone in Heck?

    «Scene changes to show frontal views of Brontus and Lavistria.»

    Lavistria: Yes indeed. At least you only got a whiff of them, and didn't actually SEE them and let them walk past you. Well, we have some ground to cover, and quickly.
    Brontus: Mmmhmm. Let's go south and show Parakkas that he's not welcome back!
  • Continue with Brontus helping you!
  • Continue with Lavistria helping you!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      1 BATTLE
    See below for encounter list

    «Scene: Skraeling»

    Lavistria: The trail ends here...
    Brontus: But there's nothing for miles around!
    «You»: Well, if you don't see anything UP, look DOWN!
    Brontus: I don't see anything ANYWHERE.

    «Guard enters.»

    Guard: Halt!
    Guard: By order of our master Parakkas, no one shall pass!
    «You»: We heard that your master is getting ready to initiate a campaign against Lore... again. We can't let him build up your forces anymore.
    Guard: I have permission to prevent anyone from leaving this area once they have learned of my master's location.
    «You»: That's nice. You-- have my permission to try?
  • Battle with Brontus helping you!
  • Battle with Lavistria helping you!
  • Battle by yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    «You»: Hmm... maybe we should have left one of them to tell us where to go next.
    Brontus: Right. That would have been wise of you.
    Lavistria: Wait-- I think I see something. Brontus, take a step forward.
    Brontus: *grumble*

    «Brontus takes two steps forward.»

    Lavistria: That was TWO steps, but whatever.
    Brontus: Grr.

    «The ground opens up.»

    «You»: The ground opened up!
    Lavistria: What does it look like down there?
    Brontus: Hmm-- Like some kind of maze. We'd better split up and recon different routes, then meet back up here before we find Parakkas.
  • Down!

    «You are in an area in which you may use arrows to "navigate." In the end, regardless of the path chosen, you will be presented with the following cutscene.»

    Brontus: Hrm. This is getting to be annoying. I hate to admit this, but I might just have to start shouting so everyone ELSE can find ME.

    «Parakkas enters.»

    Parakkas: No need to do that, thin-skinned Orc. Where is the fun in killing all of you at once?!

    «The two fight. Brontus falls on his knees at the conclusion.»

    Brontus: ........errrrhh..... I.... won't....

    «Brontus collapses.»

    Parakkas: Yes, you will.

    «Scene fades to darkness. Scene fades back in. Lavistria enters.»

    Lavistria: Oh no..... Brontus..... «You»!!

    ««You» enter.»

    «You»: !!! Is he--?
    Lavistria: He is. And the tracks are obvious enough. Parakkas is waiting for us nearby.
    «You»: Good then. Let's finish him.
  • Battle with Lavistria helping you!
  • Battle by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      1 BATTLE
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
    See below for encounter list

    «You»: Parakkas!
    Parakkas: Ah, my fame precedes me.
    «You»: We've come to stop you, demon. And we're way beyond giving you a choice. You can't leave. Or go back to Heck. You're going to face ME and pay for what you've done.
    Parakkas: Bravery speaks in loud words. Loudness masks weakness. Let us see if you can stand longer than your Orc bodyguard did.
  • Fight!

    Lavistria: It's over, now. Time to go. I will relay the news about Brontus to his people.
    «You»: ........ I will go with you. It's the least I can do.
    Lavistria: Thank you, friend. Thank you.

    Shop Weapons:
  • Distressing Torment Blade
  • Hot Thermostaff
  • Disturbing Guardian Torment Blade
  • Fevered Thermostaff Z
  • Flushed Thermostaff G
  • Painful Torment Blade
  • Febrile Thermostaff G
  • Harrowing Torment Blade
  • Inflamed Thermostaff
  • Torturous Guardian Torment Blade
  • Excruciating Torment Blade
  • Burning Thermostaff
  • Agonizing Torment Blade
  • Fiery Thermostaff

    Shop Misc:
  • Novice's Scope
  • Archer's Scope
  • Marksman's Scope
  • Sharpshooter's Scope
  • Sniper's Scope
  • Deadeye's Scope Z
  • RanGer's Scope
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Write-up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf

    Level 0-20: Bigfoot (0)
    Level 21-40: Bigfoot (20)
    Level 41-60: Bigfoot (40)
    Level 61-77: Bigfoot (60)
    Level 78-104: Bigfoot (80)
    Level 105-120: Bigfoot (100)
    Level 121+: Bigfoot (120)

    Level 0-20: Arroc (4)
    Level 21-40: Arroc (24)
    Level 41-60: Arroc (44)
    Level 61-77: Arroc (64)
    Level 78-104: Arroc (84)
    Level 105-120: Arroc (104)
    Level 121+: Arroc (124)

    Level 0-20: Corpsicle (5)
    Level 21-40: Corpsicle (20)
    Level 41-60: Corpsicle (40)
    Level 61-77: Corpsicle (60)
    Level 78-104: Corpsicle (80)
    Level 105-120: Corpsicle (100)
    Level 121+: Corpsicle (120)

    Ice Cweam
    Level 0-20: Ice Cweam (2)
    Level 21-40: Ice Cweam (15)
    Level 41-60: Ice Cweam (35)
    Level 61-77: Ice Cweam (60)
    Level 78-104: Ice Cweam (85)
    Level 105-120: Ice Cweam (100)
    Level 121+: Ice Cweam (100)

    Level 0-20: Phoenix Hatchling (6)
    Level 21-40: Young Phoenix (26)
    Level 41-60: Phoenix (46)
    Level 61-77: Fiery Phoenix (66)
    Level 78-104: Flame-kissed Phoenix (86)
    Level 105-120: Phoenix Mother (106)
    Level 121+: Phoenix Defender (116)

    Flame Fish
    Level 0-20: Flame Fish (7)
    Level 21-40: Flame Fish (21)
    Level 41-60: Flame Fish (38)
    Level 61-77: Flame Fish (56)
    Level 78-104: Flame Fish (76)
    Level 105-120: Flame Fish (101)
    Level 121+: Flame Fish (117)

    Level 0-20: Mummicane (7)
    Level 21-40: Mummicane (27)
    Level 41-60: Mummicane (47)
    Level 61-77: Mummicane (67)
    Level 78-104: Mummicane (87)
    Level 105-120: Mummicane (107)
    Level 121: Mummicane (127)

    Level 0-20: Hellhound (5)
    Level 21-40: Hellhound (15)
    Level 41-60: Hellhound (35)
    Level 61-77: Hellhound (55)
    Level 78-104: Hellhound (75)
    Level 105-120: Hellhound (95)
    Level 121+: Hellhound (115)

    Archdemon x2
    Level 0-20: Archdemon (0)
    Level 21-40: Archdemon (20)
    Level 41-60: Archdemon (40)
    Level 61-77: Archdemon (60)
    Level 78-104: Archdemon (80)
    Level 105-120: Archdemon (100)
    Level 121+: Archdemon (120)

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