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lloydbunyan101 -> dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/14/2011 15:40:25)

this is my first attempt of a guide so please PM me of any problem with the guide so I can correct it

The Chapter 1 Final Saga
True Mortal saga
Main Storyline

The Final 13th saga

The last quests before the start of Chapter 2. This takes place before the quests and scenes mentioned later in this guide. These are the quests:

After the Summer of Darkness 2011, the evil and power of doom finally passed after the final battle. However there is still some cleaning to do. After harnessing the power of 8 bacon orbs, you now need to return them to there rightful place. You and Cysero return the orbs, only to be met by a mob of Egg elementals. After you slice through the crowd, you are thrown in with the ninth Great Elemental Dragon; The Dragon of Bacon, Skweel. He accuses you of stealing the orbs, and confronts you, so you have to defeat him to escape. You fight him and win, returning to Falconreach as a saviour.

The aftermath of the Darkness of the Summer 2011. Destroyed ruins, smashed up dracoliches...the Darkness finally destroyed at a massive cost. The remains of armour scattered on the beach, darkened flames underwater, the first chapter of Dragonfable has finally ended. Now the beginnings of Chapter 2 are here!


Mogloween 2011
In Mogloween 2011 The Zardbie infection returned when a girl kissed a boy called Andy and then she turned into a zardbie (because of the virus that Andy carried) that was what restarted the Z-Virus. Here is the link: Mogloween 2011

Frostval 2011

In this Frostval your hero has been told to help with the defence of Frostvale. Rolith the head of The Pactagonal Knights of Oaklore has requested you defeat all nearby monsters. Once you finish this task, Rolith realises that you haven't killed all of the monsters and loses hope in the character. He then believes that the hero is inadvertently causing the moglins of Frostvale to be kidnapped, and he demands that your hero stays away from Frostvale. He builds heavy defences around Frostvale, and makes the moglins inside take part in horrible and boring activities, like 'Silly Hat Time'. Your hero is intent on bringing the Frostval cheer back into the town, but to do that they need to break into Frostvale. After you fight your way past the many togs, you find Rolith. He becomes terribly angry with you for breaching the defences, and he makes you fight 4 togs* before he lets you fight him. Once you finally defeat him, Rolith's fiance Alina arrives and tells him that he has removed the fun from Frostvale. He decides that she is right, and he lets you in to Frostval. Inside you will find the hats that were chosen from the forum 'Silly Hat Contest' to be put in-game, as well as many other new gifts. Frostval 2011

True Mortal Saga

Random Quest

The monsters of Dragesvard, The Sandsea and the Frozen North are all gathering in great strength. True Mortal is unhappy about this, and sends you to thin their numbers. Only one thing seems to connect them all, and that is the mysterious Khy 'Rhian Incubators. here are the links to the Random Quests

Main quests

The Key
The starting quest in the True Mortal Quest chain. Not much is revealed in this scene, however you do find out about Nivalis, a being intent on freezing the world. It hasn't got much content in it, however that is made up for it by the sense of mystery that the quest gives.

The second quest in the chain introduces a new character. True Mortal! He is curious of gathering monsters in the frozen North (near Dragesvard) and sends you North to find out about the monsters. By the end of the quest, you find a large cave, after passing many mysterious ice sculptures...

After finding The Cave, you return to True Mortal, telling him of your that you found a cave leading to a Fortress. He is surprised, because he had no knowledge of the Fortress and tells you to go through the cave to find out what it is. Unbeknownst to you, Nivalis knows of your discovery. He tells his troops, The Khy 'Rhian, to make it hard for you to reach the Fortress. However, despite his defenses, you reach the other side of The Cave, to reach something that you didn't quite expect...

After getting through the well guarded Ice Cave, you find a sight to behold. Hundreds of tents and structures litter the ground, enough room to house thousands. Khy 'Rhian are swarming the area, dominating the area. In the distance is a fortress that you must get to, but to do so, you must break through the Khy 'Rhian outpost. Once you finally break through, the Fortress looms over you. You must find out about these Khy 'Rhian, and so you enter.

As you enter the Fortress of the Khy 'Rhian, you are faced with a daunting task. You must get through the Fortress alive. After searching and fighting through the Khy 'Rhian, and finding out the Khy 'Rhian are hatched, you find yourself in the throne room. You hide quickly, as Nivalis enters (without his cloak). He tells a Khy 'Rhian to find the gates (the ones that True Mortal and his fellow Spirit Wardens are guarding). You hurry back to True Mortal, telling him of the origins of the Khy 'Rhian and the fact that Nivalis is trying to find all the gates. At that point, the que

Main Storyline

The Rift War 2012

Throughout Lore mysterious rifts were opening, letting through strange alien creatures. Fire creatures began to emerge from the rifts, and eventually attacked. The enemy had 8 million waves in this war. Friday the 13th - Rift War!

Rising Fire War

The portals have been quiet...too quiet. But they awake again in the Rising Fire war! Wargoth renews his invasion in this war, bringing in hundreds upon thousands of troops to Lore. But how powerful is Wargoth? Just how far does his seemingly immense flame spread? And just what does he look like? Play through this war and all these questions will be answered. The Imp hats from the last Wargoth war also make an appearance as the prizes for winning the war challenge!

The sewers of Swordhaven. A lively and lovely place if you're a sewer creature. However, for a normal hero this place is horrible. Whilst the sewers are large, they great rewards and a place to be when you want to be alone, that is if alone means sitting next to a sewer mutant.

Map of the sewers-Made by NikisArmy

Random quest

The Swordhaven Guard Captain needs some jobs doing. He needs to have the nearby areas cleared of both monsters and bandits, and unfortunately your reputation precedes you. He sends you on quests to various places, including the Swordhaven Marsh, the Swordhaven Forest and the caves of the Sewer Mutants. In these quests you will find many familiar weapons and perhaps a rare Crystal Blue Amulet... here are the links

coming soon
true mortal saga completed
Stoneheart fall link
A complete makeover for the guide (postpone)
Swordhaven Saga
Link to rift war 2012

competed list
the chapter 1 finale saga quests Skweel Chapter One Epilogue
Random quests for True mortal saga

thanks To
charlie 101 for helping me with Links and Spelling
Varen6398 for giving me information and for helping me with the True Mortal saga
NikisArmy for doing a swordhaven sewer map for me
Highlord Sendai for doing the stoneheart fall banner
Peachii for doing the swordhaven banner

Locked due to inactivity. ~Peachii

Therril Oreb -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 1:49:15)

It would be advisable to use links instead of letting those reading the guide go look for it all the way.
Also, I am not sure if we are in chapter 2 yet. I think this is more a time out for preparing everything for chapter 2 to begin but that is only speculation.[8|]

Secondly, It is always nice if you work a bit with bolding and underlining at some spots like: Content =>

This way you show different parts in your guide more easily

Thirdly, I asume you are making a chronological order of releases after chapter 1. Will this be chronological in release date for then you should take each quest seperate

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 11:12:09)

Today i updated the content title by Bolding and Underlining it. I also updated the holiday title by Bolding and Underlining it I put a link for Mogloween 2011 to !!!!

Baron Dante -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 11:13:36)

Chapter 1 Finale shouldn't be part of Chapter 2. It's quite literally part of Chapter 1. Furthermore, the sesonal events have no exact placing in the timeline. However, TM's saga indeed does take place in Chapter 2.

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 11:36:12)

i mean the last two quest in it like Skweel and
Chapter One Epilogue

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 12:18:59)

Update: I started the True Mortal Saga There is currently two quest in the guide

Varen6398 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 12:43:10)

Your guide is a good idea, and is started well. However, it does have room for some improvements. Remember the importance of Capital letters! It improves the read (for me at least). It would also help if you had less gaps inbetween everything; write as if it's a school essay and don't use text talk. And of course, you summaries of the quests could be in more depth. For example


'This quest is a cutscene quest you will see main villain of true mortal saga called Nivalis and u will find out his main plan is to freeze lore'

Could be said as:

'The starting quest in the True Mortal Quest chain. Not much is revealed in this scene, however you do find out about Nivalis, a being intent on freezing the world. It hasn't got much content in it, however that is made up for it by the sense of mystery that the quest gives'.

Or something along those lines. But once you get those sorted, you're good to go!

charlie 101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 14:32:12)

i think its a good start but onastly i think it to complcaited and if a 8 year old was playng which most 8 year olds do they would sturggle understanding that and i am older then 8 an still sturuggle so plz go though and make it more clear and starting off whith hi i am new ect: is not good u should make it a statment but very good so far its just some frendly avise hopefully it is not going to reck are frendship on this web site

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 14:36:29)

Update: i have updated most of the guide true mortal saga Capital letter links to quests in true mortal saga and things like that

Dwelling Dragonlord -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 14:40:30)

You might want to separate the credits a bit more from the rest by using
, which looks like this.

Also might be useful to separate different questchains.

Here's the link for Origins. http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=19775091

@Baron Dante: I know the True Mortal Saga plays after chapter 1, but is it part of the main saga for chapter 2?

charlie 101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 15:33:50)

some of your post are like mine are minds think alike

Highlord Sendai -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 15:51:00)

The Mogloween event doesn't have any place in the storyline.

Other than that, good work so far.

Baron Dante -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/15/2011 15:53:59)

DDL: No... but when was such implied to be considered for the guide? It takes canonically place after the defeat of SMUDD, and therefore is part of Chapter 2. (Also, WoG) This guide is, if I'm not mistaken, about things that take place in Chapter 2, not about the main story of it.

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/16/2011 13:55:32)

Update i change the content and finish the true mortal saga so far

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/16/2011 14:20:54)

i am thinking adding the random quests for true mortal saga soon

charlie 101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/16/2011 15:56:37)


i think you guide so far is very good [:)] but needs spacing out more and you dont need to say when updates have been done
you also need to do caps and fullstops and try and make your sentances more detailed

grate work so far thou
good luck on your guide

from charlie 101 [;)]

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/16/2011 16:03:11)

Thank charlie 101

Varen6398 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/18/2011 11:46:01)

This is looking good! You might want to change 'The finale 13th' to 'The Final 13th'.

Hopeful Guy -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/18/2011 16:36:31)

This guide is gonna be huge soon, so maybe only talk about the more important stuff? There is no way you can talk about each and every quest in chapter 2. And you are gonna have a LOT of work to keep up Otherwise, a good guide. Also, you might need a intro for this topic. Seeing as you've underlined True Mortal, probably underline the Final 13th as well.

'The starting quest in the True Mortal Quest chain. Not much is revealed in this scene, however you do find out about Nivalis, a being intent on freezing the world. It hasn't got much content in it, however that is made up for it by the sense of mystery that the quest gives'.

Very small here, but remove quotation marks.


competed list

Completed list. I would actually make that "Topics covered currently" but that's your choice.

That's all I've seen so far

EDIT: Try to keep a log of updates where you list major changes

charlie 101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (11/25/2011 13:22:59)

thanks ok

bobtehnoob -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (12/4/2011 19:05:30)

Technically ch2 hasn't started yet, as they are working on bug-smashing ch1 now...

Varen6398 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (12/5/2011 13:20:09)

lloydbunyan101 might be away later on after Christmas, and thus the guide might fall behind. I am here to prevent it from being deleted/locked/removed and have been told to not get let it be removed by lloydbunyan101 himself. Just saying.

Bob, this guide is basically anything that happens after Chapter 1. The reason Skweel and the epilogue are in the guide is that they were basically clean-up quests for Chapter 1, not truly contributing anything to Chapter 1. Thus they are in the guide.

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (12/19/2011 15:07:05)

update: i put banner up for stoneheart fall and swordhaven and i put some more quests in the swordhaven section

Varen6398 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (3/14/2012 14:10:21)

You might want to put up about the release of Atrea. And of course the new TM quests.

lloydbunyan101 -> RE: dragonfable chapter 2 guide (4/16/2012 13:46:01)

Sorry everyone i been away a little while but im back now i will be updating my guide pretty soon

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