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Planet Liath - Star Captain Sneak Peek

Location: Soluna City Museum --> Star Captains!
Objective: You found the part for your ship! Unfortunately you were beamed away before you could repair it.
Requirements: Star Captain required
Release Date: November 18, 2011

  • Mutant Black Ant
  • Mutant Spider
  • Mutant Mosquito
  • Mutant Gold Ant
  • Mutant Scorpion

  • Val
  • Lisa
  • Pilot

  • Blimp Shop

    At the Museum

    Val: New adventures await you off-planet! For a limited time, all Star Captains may travel to the planet for a special sneak peak!

    Val: After this preview, to access the off-planet missions you must meet the prerequisites.
    Val: As you may know, my dream is to make this an interplanetary museum with artifacts from all over the galaxy!
    Val: Casca, the leader of House Mystraven, tels me that she and the other House Leaders have an interest in artifacts.
    Val: They are working together on a research project focusing on the legends, lore, and locations of potentially-significant artifacts...
    Val: ..and Dean Warlic is working with us to gather a team of investigative researchers from various fields of inquiry!
    Val: Volunteering at the Museum puts you in a position to be at the forefront of off-planet exploration, <Character!>!
    Val: We are currently observing a distant planet which is emitting pulsations of an unknown power field.
    Val: We haven't been able to establish communication, although there are definite signs of life and possibly of an advanced civilization...
    Val: One unusual aspect of this planet is that its observable physical features appear to contain no pigments at all!
    Val: Casca's people call it Planet Liath.
    Val: Casca's been studying this planet for years - since before she traveled here to Planet Loreon!
    Val: It is dangerous to explore a planet without contacting the inhabitants ahead of time...
    Val: .. but it is exciting to have the opportunity to investigate a new world, don't you think?
    Val: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you have demonstrated great dedication in your previous volunteer work...

  • Prerequisites?
    Val: After this preview, to access this mission you must meet some requirements.

  • Talk
    Val: You must complete the Jungle, Desert, and Ocean missions here in the Museum.
    Val: You must also have flight clearance to travel off-planet.
    Val: Check you C-Mail and the Story button on the News Screen in Soluna Main to track your progress.

  • Go Now!
    Val: We haven't been able to make contact and the dangers are great - but I need someone to fly to Liath... <Character>?

    Intro Cutscene

    Val: <Character>, we have detected the general location of the power pulses, but...
    Val: ...a strange interference prevents us from gathering much information remotely. We should try to get closer.
    Lisa: We are in range of Planet Liath, <Character>. Shall we establish orbit and begin scanning?
    Lisa: <Character>, we've encountered some kind of cosmic radiation cloud and it's affecting our systems!
    Lisa: Shields, weapons, navigation... everything! We can't even pull out of the planet's gravitational pull!
    Lisa: I'm sorry, <Character>, but I think we'd better prepare for a crash landing!
    Lisa: System report. During the crash, we lost one of our engines.
    Lisa: It should be someplace nearby so take a look around. Be on your guard. I am picking up life signs.
    Lisa: I sent out several drone repair trucks in case you need assistance. They will be scattered about your search field.
    Lisa: According to ship's readings, there are several aircraft in the area. They may be hostile. Be careful.

    Once engine is found
    Lisa: That looks like the part! If we can get it back ot the ship fast enough we can...
    Lisa: Strange. I -bzzt r -bzzt- ignal's be -bzzt- ng jam -bzzt-. Are y -bzzt -ere!?

    Aboard Blimp

    Pilot: Welcome aboard! Sorry for any confusion.

  • Talk
    Pilot: I'm sorry if you were hit by any of our attacks. We're sent to monitor the monster situation.
    Pilot: We came across you and we weren't sure to think of it but we decided to help you so I beamed you aboard our airship.
    Pilot: We're taking you back to our hometown for further questioning. Rest assured, you're not a prisoner.
    Pilot: I admit, we're concerned with your appearance. I've never seen such... I don't even know what to call it.
    Pilot: Anyways, please rest and as a peace offering, we can sell you some weapons for that craft you have.
    Pilot: Let me know if you need anything I will let you know when we arrive. Welcome to Planet Liath.

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